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Join the Conversation About the Exploration of Mars

By SpaceRef Editor
June 15, 2012
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Join the Conversation About the Exploration of Mars

NASA is currently charting a new agency-wide strategy for the future of Mars exploration, both robotic and human. Involvement from the science and technical community, and all interested members of the general public, is essential to this process.

NASA’s Mars Program Planning Group is opening up a new opportunity for the public to pose questions and participate in the discussion regarding plans for the future of Mars exploration. This online community, open from today through July 1, 2012, allows you to:

* Ask (today-July 1): Pose questions, offer answers, and vote on the most important user-generated content related to the Mars program planning effort.
* Discuss (June 12-14): Comment online and tune in to the Concepts and Approaches for Mars Exploration Workshop via Live Stream.
* Contribute (post-workshop through July 1): Use the forum to discuss ideas addressing the challenges posed at the workshop, and share your knowledge of the challenges and opportunities of Mars exploration.

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