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ISSCOM.047 16 April 2005

By SpaceRef Editor
April 16, 2005
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ISSCOM.047 16 April 2005

Communications S-TMA6 during second flight day.

Orbit 19 :

Telemetry 166.134 mc 0509285 until 051610UTC.

Voice communications 121.750 mc 051215 until 051610UTC.

Krikalyov: We replaced that at 0800, everything good. Ts-M reads out form 23 and also gives times for communication sessions. Kr in the background with Vittori. He asks Vitt to write the data from Ts-M together with Kr. 

Ts-M (unclear in background), long series of figger groups.

Orbit 20:

No telemetry at the beginning of the pass. (Sven Grahn reported that the telemetry had been commanded on just before LOS of this pass).

In background Kr with Vitt. Kr tells Vitt that Vitt has to put a question to TsUP-M.

No transmissions during following passes.

Chris van den Berg, NL-91265/A-UK3202

SpaceRef staff editor.