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By SpaceRef Editor
October 22, 2001
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Here is my log of S-TM33 communications 2nd day of flight.


Passes within range of the Netherlands:

Orb. 18: 1159-1203UTC. Telemetry on 116.130 mc. Voice 121.750 mc.

Voice comm-s: Afanasyev starts communications and Claudie takes over reading out technical data from the form 3 of 1055UTC. Claudie also reports that the CO-2 value now is 3.8, so much better
than yesterday.

Orb. 19:

133130 Telemetry 166.130 mc.

133132 Voice 121.750 mc

133310 922.748 mc (Missed Doppler dip for TCA)

133700 LOS.Afanasyev discusses the temperatures and humidity.

Orb. 20:

Voice communications between 1250531 and 151040UTC via 121.750 mc. Mainly private conversations Kozeyev with family.

Here a lot of QRM by GSM terminals and the Port authority of Airport Rotterdam (also using 121.750mc, though AM-Wide)

The crew also got a bad reception due to the QRM, also by the Airport Rotterdam channel.

During the passes just before and after the docking operations on 23.10.01 (so tomorrow) I cannot monitor directly due to absence , so I will have to use my timeswitch. This means that I can
monitor only 2 frequencie, 121.750 and 143.625 mc. So if they will use the 130.165 mc I will miss the traffic there.



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