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ISSCOM.011 (International Space Station Communications) – 30 April 2001

By SpaceRef Editor
April 30, 2001
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Docking S-TM32 at ISS:

S-TM32 docked at the nadir docking port of Zarya on 30.04.01 at 0957UTC. During the approach and docking S-TM32 and the ISS still were out of range of Western Europe.

During the pass for my position in orb. 13961, 0917-0923UTC 3 voice transmitters were active.

On the 143.625 mc strong cross-modulation interference by an air traffic control centre in Germany.

The interference was also inconvenient on 121.750 mc.

130.165 mc showed a good performance: strong signals and a good reception of TsUP via an uplink receiver in the background.

Somebody, somewhere asked Dennis: ‘How are you?’ (No answer heard).

TsUP gave permission to open the cover of the hatch between the BO (life compartment) of the S-TM32 and the SO (docking compartment).

A few minutes later the crew also got permission to open the hatch itself.

With the S-TM32 crew already on board, during the next orbit (13962), 1053-1059UTC, TsUP and the crews established a TV-link and images were made by the LIV camera. For the next pass they promised to transmit operational images of the approach and docking of S-TM32.

During the pass in orbit 13963, 1224-1235UTC Musabayev reported that they had conserved the S-TM32. There were no further remarks.

Chris van den Berg, NL-9165/A-UK3202

SpaceRef staff editor.