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ISSCOM.010 – 29 April 2001

By SpaceRef Editor
April 29, 2001
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ISSCOM.010 – 29 April 2001

Launch Soyuz-TM32:

The launch of this transport ship from Baykonur took place on 28.04.01 at 07.37.20UTC.

Communications: The crew used the call sign Kristall. This call Musabayev used when he was commander on the MIR-space station.

Communications on 28.04.01:

During the pass in the 2nd orbit for Western Europe good signals could be heard on 121.750 mc between 1039 and 1042UTC.

Musabayev and Tito were in the BO (life compartment) and Baturin was still in the SA (descent module). The crew prepared systems for the upcoming orbit corrections.
The pressure was 611.5 mm and they had connected a purification cartridge.

During the pass in the 3rd orbit long voice traffic from 12.10.51 – 12.16.00 UTC.

Musabayev reported about the 2 successful orbit corrections and some failures.
Just before the impulses there had been failures of the IKV-s (=infra red vertical sensors).

IKV-1 08 at 11.02.00UTC

IKV-2 08 at 11.08.58UTC

Also at 11.08.58UTC the command for the GSO (gotovnostj sistemy orientatsii- orientation system readiness) failed. As there was not much time the crew switched over to “PKS” in 2 seconds.

The first impulse was given at 11.19.32UTC as planned. Fuel consumption 49 KG-s,
Delta V-2 at 11.29.48UTC also as planned, fuel consumption 75 KG-s.

Then they executed a turn (zakrutka) using solar orientation for which 1 KG fuel was needed. M. also reported a current of 27 Amperes.

Hereafter TsUP read out a lot of data in four figure groups and/or times. Baturin logged these data, for instance data referring to some orbits, the program for the 5th orbit and other orbits, the time to activate the SKD (approach and correction engine), a.s.o

Regretfully I did not hear Tito himself or any report about his condition.

Communicatons S-TM32 on 29.04.2001:

Also today not a word from or about Tito.

Traffic during pass in orbit 19 within range of Western Europe.

Pass in orbit 19, 10.42.22-10.47.30UTC. Strong signals on 121.750 mc. Musabayev reports the replacement of purification cartridge number 2 by number 3 in the BO. They are about to begin with tests of the Kurs system, but without the command for ‘manual control’.

Pass in orb. 20, 12.15.30 -12.20.18UTC. Transmissions on 922.755, 166.135 and 121.750 mc. Again about replacement of purification cartridge.

Correction of the Globus adjustment.

Pass in orb. 21, 13.50.00 121.750 mc, report about pressure: 675 MM.

Communications ISS Russian segment:

On 29.04 for the first time after the arrival of Endeavour communications via VHF-1 (143.625 mc) and not via VHF-2.

During pass in orbit 13947, 1150 – 1153UTC. Usachov met Kolya at TsUP. Short conversation, Usachov will continue filming and making photographs.

Packet Radio downlink again on 145.800mc, with reactions on uplink on 145.990 mc.

Did not hear anything of crew Endeavour.

Chris van den Berg, NL-9165/A-UK3202

SpaceRef staff editor.