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ISSCOM.007 15 February 2001

By SpaceRef Editor
February 15, 2001
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During the period in which Atlantis was docked at the ISS the Russians used 130.165 mc (UKW-2) for communications with TsUP during the 2nd, 3rd and 4th pass in range of Western Europe.

They did not use the 143.625 mc (UKW-1).

For Telemetry the 628.125 and 630.125 mc (Zvezda-channels) were active.

Use for predictions recent 2-line elements. Atlantis thus far increased the altitude of the ISS-Shuttle combination 6 times. Just before undocking there will be another correction.

C.M. van den Berg, NL-9165/A-UK3202

SpaceRef staff editor.