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ISS On-Orbit Status 30 Jun 2002

By SpaceRef Editor
June 30, 2002
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All ISS systems continue to function nominally,
except as noted previously.

It is the first of two rest days for the crew, with only light duty.
 The station residents are back on regular sleep cycle of
2:00am-5:30pm EDT.  Ahead: Week 4 of Increment 5.

The regular weekly three-hour housecleaning, normally on Saturday,
was on today’s schedule for the crew, since yesterday was too busy
with Progress 8P arrival.

FE-2 started absorbent bed #2 of the SM’s BMP micropurification unit
on regeneration cycle.  Filter cartridge #1 remains in Purify

CDR Valery Korzun completed the weekly routine of taking readings of
SP toilet flush counter data and SVO water supply data for calldown
to MCC-M, then performed the daily maintenance of the SM’s
environment control and life support system (SOSh).

FE-1 Peggy Whitson did the regular daily status check of automated
payloads (today: ZCG and EXPRESS laptop parameters, ADVASC status
monitor).  She was also asked by MCC-H to reboot the PCS laptops
as part of the weekly maintenance tasks, at her leisure.

By yesterday, the crew had worked off a number of "Job jar"
task list items:  installation of MSA (mass spectrometer
assembly) and VGA (verification gas assembly) in the MCA (major
constituent analyzer), head cleaning on both VDS video tape recorders
(VTRs), and filling and sampling of a CWC (collapsible water
container) from the Lab condensate tank, which was getting full.
 There is also a Russian task list for Korzun and Treschev, to
which new sessions of the Russian "Diatomeia" and
"Uragan" earth observation programs were added.

All crewmembers had their PFCs (private family conferences) via
S-band and completed their daily physical exercise regimen.

At 3:00am EDT, the crew downlinked a scripted TV message to Moscow
with greetings to the Russian-American Youth Orchestra.  The
video link was activated by the SM’s automated daily timeline system
(SPP). The recorded message from the ISS will be played back on 7/2
at the Orchestra’s concert at Moscow’s Pushkin Museum.  The
Russian-American Youth Orchestra has been a renown example of
cultural cooperation between the two nations for the last 15 years,
with First Ladies Laura Bush and Ludmila Putina as honorary
co-chairpersons on its board.  It is expected that Mrs. Putina
will attend the concert.

Today’s target areas for the CEO program were Taiwan Smog
(on this pass, the island of Taiwan was expected to be an area of
light winds south of a stationary front. As ISS came off the Chinese
mainland from the northwest, the crew was to begin looking obliquely
eastward and downwind from the island to document the frequent
aerosol plumes generated by the heavy industrial activity there)
Mekong River Delta (this target may just have been clear
enough for good photos this pass. As the station tracked down the
river from the NW, crew was to carefully map land use and water
control structures and then continue offshore noting the color and
extent of fresh water sediment plumes)
, Hyderabad, India
(there appeared to be a break in the monsoon activity over south
central India this pass. The crew was to look carefully for near
nadir views of this mega city)
, Eastern United States
(as ISS tracked directly over the lower Great Lakes, the crew was
to look to the right of track for aerosol buildup over the upper Ohio
River Valley, using oblique and limb shots to capture this
, Canadian Rocky Mountains (the weather was
marginal for this target, but the crew had an otherwise excellent
pass in optimum light. They were asked to use the long lenses of the
ESC [electronic still camera] to document the small ice fields and
glaciers of these high-latitude mountains in mid-summer
, Missionary Ridge Fires (Dynamic Event
Site:  A good nadir-viewing pass of this large, relatively new
fire in the San Juan National Forest of SW Colorado. The crew was to
use the long lenses of the ESC for details of the burn patterns and
plumes of active fires, and to remember the value of context views as

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