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ISS MER Daily Report 27 Apr 2001

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April 27, 2001
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ISS MER Daily Report

Date: 4/27/01

STS 100/ISS 6A

GMT Day: 2001/117

Overall System Status:

  • SSRMS on Lab PDGF

  • MCA is operational

  • Vozdukh is on

  • MCOR is operational

  • Dual CCAA OPS

  • MCA in Auto Sampling Mode

  • S-band operational


SMCC: SMCC 1 & 2 , and 3 Operating in the Redundant set.

SMTC: 1 & 2 Operating in the Redundant Set


N1-2 Primary /N1-1 Seconday

PV MDM: 4B Prime/2B Backup

C&C:C&C-1 Failed/C&C-2 Prime /C&C-3 Failed

INT: INT-2 Operating/INT-1OFF

GNC: GNC-1 Seconday/GNC-2 Primary

LA: LA-1, LA-2 & LA-3 Operating

PMCU: PMCU-1 Operating/PMCU-2 Off

PL: PL-1 primary/PL-2 off


EETCS Loops A&B running on A pumps

PTCS: 6 Node 1 shell htrs on; 1 PMA1 shell htrs on; 2 PMA 2 Shell Htrs

ITCS Dual loop mode


Russian Segment:

FGB Batteries-in incomplete charge mode

FGB Battery 4 offline

SM Batteries-in incomplete charge mode



Both channels fully operational

BGAs in Auto Track Mode

PCU 1 in Discharge, PCU 2 Discharge


Russian Segment:

Elektron – On

Vozdukh — On


CKB1 — On; CKB2 — OFF

SM SD#6 Failed

FGB SD 1, 3,4,& 5 — Off

Rapid Depress Response inhibited

Low Pressure warning Enabled

Response to Smoke/Fire Inhibited


Cabin Fan — On

Aft Port IMV Fan On

Aft Port, Deck Aft, Fwd Port & Fwd Stbd IMV valves Open

SD-1 enabled, SD-2 OFF

PPRV’s not Capped

Cabin Pressure FDIR – Inhibited


PCA: LAB PCA in Mon, Rapid depress FDIR Enabled

IMV: AFT valves open; Aft Port Fan — ON

SD’s: LAB1PD1 Failed, LAB1SD5, & LAB1D6 Enabled


CDRA: Override/Stop complete.

TCCS: Full Up State

MCA: Operational, Auto Sample

VES: VRS&VES 2.5" valves closed

Water Venting: Inhibited State


Attitude Control Mode: CMG-TA with a momentum manager controller

Attitude: 0.2, 23., 0 (TEA)

Average Altitude: 388.3 km x 378 km

Beta: -11.1 with increasing magnitude


FGB Komparus Deactivated

S-Band High Data Rate Mode

ECS Deactivated (will only be used for video con)

Audio System Nominal (but off due to C&C problems)

Video System Nominal (but off due to C&C problems)

Ku operational but not useable due to cold temperatures (not on due to C&C problems)

Last 24 Hours Status

C&C Recovery Activities

  • The C&C 2 computer continues to function nominally. C&C 3 and C&C 1 are in diagnostics. All of the remaining MDMs are in sync. The GNC MDMs were recovered this morning after a hiccup during the attempt to sync them with C&C 2 and are functioning nominally. GNC-2 is primary.

  • Testing continues in ISIL to verify the data load to DRAM in C&C 3 in order to be able to reload C&C 3 and bring it up as a backup C&C MDM. The team continues to work through the checksum errors experienced during ISIL testing today.

  • Testing also continues on the use of ePCS as a redundant computer for MPLM operations in ISIL. The crew was able to locate a ePCS laptop with the correct load and is in the process of checking it out. Two attempts to power on the laptop has been no joy. Flight Controllers and the MER continue to discuss options to get the ePCS up and running. The C&C Anomaly Resolution Team expects to have the procedures ready by 10:30am today.

  • FCT is looking at deberthing the MPLM around noon our time with the anticipation that ePCS or C&C 3 will be ready to go. Flight will wait for a go from the MER prior to proceeding with MPLM deberthing operations.

  • The ART is also looking at the procedures required to perform an R&R of C&C 1 with Payload MDM 2 and use the R&R’d MDM as the backup C&C MDM.


  • The crew will be starting activities on TVIS today. The procedures have been uplinked to the crew for them to begin that activity.

LAB Smoke Detector

  • The Lab smoke detector PD 1 was reported failed today. The flight controllers attempted to recover the detector with no joy. Operations are safe to continue with the failed detector. A spare detector is on orbit and will take approximately 40 minutes to R&R.


  • Due to the potential that PCU software caused the NCS MDMs to go to diagnostics, the PCU will not be reactivated. Based on thermal predictions, it is believed that the PCUs may have dipped below the acceptable lower thermal limits. Given the priority of regaining a safe computer state, the MER concurs with not jeopardizing the computer configuration.

Planned Operations

  • The Shuttle water vent and reboost of the ISS were performed.

Mission Extension

  • The IMMT has officially extended the mission by one docked day with the possibility of two additional days.

Upcoming Events for GMT 2001/117 Flight Day 10 (All times CDT)

  • FD 10 will be replanned due to C&C MDM problems.

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