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ISS Increment Management Status 23 Feb 2001

By SpaceRef Editor
February 23, 2001
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International Space Station Increment 1 Management


  • Addition of Lab to ISS
  • Nearing end of Increment 1
  • Updated the 5A Stage task priorities


  • Soyuz relocation is on 2/24

    – Undocking at 4:05 am CST,

    – Redocking at 4:35 am CST

  • 3P launch is 2/26 at 2: 09 am CST,

    – docking on 2/28 3:48 am CST

  • Preparing Lessons Learned to pass along
    to Increment 2 and subs

    – Test run of proposed on-orbit crew
    requested manifest process resulted in
    some updates that are being worked

    plan to present to MIOCB on 3/1

  • Expedition 1 crew debrief US plans are
    being prepared – limited to 20 hrs
  • Predicted Mir re-entry is slipping to the
    right and now appears to be just after 5A.1

    Issues and Concerns:

  • 5A Stage timeline is very tight and not all
    activities will be accomplished
  • Debrief time with the crew is in conflict.
    Russians want Cosmonaut return after the
    doctors release them

  • International Space Station- Increment 2 Management


  • Received MIOCB concurrence on
    IDRD PP2 SSCN 4971 on 2/14/01.
    Presented at MMIOCB on 2/20/01.
  • Orlan communication checkout was


  • New IDRD CR open for inputs. Will include
    4R slip from Inc 2.

    Issues and Concerns:

  • Refining onboard stowage assessments. Will
    finish analysis of what delivered hardware is
    installed by 2/23. This will give us more
    accurate assessment of what total volume
    most be accommodated for stowage.
  • 4P and 5P slip impacts in work.
    Working OC position on issues.
  • Stage 5A.1 is currently oversubscribed.
    Working with US and Russian specialists to
    determine what can be deferred to Stage 6A.

  • International Space Station- Increment 3 Management


  • Presented IDRD PP3 Rev. B to MMIOCB
    (2/20) and MIOCB (2/22) for approval
  • Added remaining radiation protection h/w to
    Flight 7A. 1 (3 crewmember capability
    established in Increment 3)

    Plans :

  • Perform Increment resource anal ysis for
    new Shuttle, Progress, & DC- 1 launch dates
    & initiate IDRD update
  • Update IDRD PP3 Annex 2, On- orbit
    Maintenance Plan (3/1)
  • Identify & document Shuttle O2/N2 transfer
    requirements for Joint Airlock resupply (2/28)
  • Begin FOR/IOR product review (3/26)
    Issues and Concerns :
  • Expedition 3 EVA requirements definition

    – DC- 1 activation vs. nominal plan

    – EMU training requirements

    -A greement on 2 FT tether protocol

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