Status Report

ISS EVA Performed

By SpaceRef Editor
October 8, 2001
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At the International Space Station (ISS) during the period of 18:23
to 23:22, Moscow Daylight Saving Time, the first EVA was performed from
the Russian docking compartment #1, the Pirs module, which was added
to the nominal space station configuration after its docking on September
17, 2001.

The objective of the EVA was outfit the module with equipment and assemblies
that provide support for its docking with spacecraft of Soyuz TM, Progress
M type and performing EVA operations including the use of a S.P.Korolev
RSC Energia-developed cargo boom, the first flight models of which were
successfully operated on-board space station Mir.

In the course of operations performed by Russian cosmonauts V. Dezhurov
and M.Turin, additional handrails were installed on the outer surface
of the Pirs module, electrical connectors on the cables of Transit-B
radio telemetry system designed for communicating with cosmonauts in
space suits during EVA were connected between this module and transfer
compartment of Service Module Zvezda; a docking target and rods with
antennas of the rendezvous and docking system Kurs were installed.

Commander of ISS-3 crew, US astronaut F. Calbertson monitored the performance
of these operations from inside the station, moving as necessary, between
pressurized compartments of US segment of ISS and Functional Cargo Module

Upon completion of the EVA the space station systems were returned to
their initial condition.

According to reports from the crew and Lead Operations Control Team
(LOCT) who are monitoring and controlling ISS mission from the Mission
Control Center near Moscow (MCC-M) headed by cosmonaut V.A. Soloviev,
the crew’s state of health is normal and ISS on-board systems perform
as designed.

The next EVA from Pirs module is scheduled for October 15, 2001.

SpaceRef staff editor.