Status Report

ISS EVA performed from Russia’s Pier Module

By SpaceRef Editor
November 13, 2001
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The purpose of this EVA was to connect cables of the automatic rendezvous
and docking system Kurs between Russian modules Pier and Zvezda,as well
as to complete functionality checks of the cargo boom, mounted on the
Pier module. These operations have been performed by American astronaut
F. Culbertson (ISS-3 commander) and Russian cosmonaut V. Dezhurov (pilot,
Soyuz TM commander). During this EVA the examination and photographing
of the unfolded section of solar array of the module Zvezda has also
been conducted.

Flight engineer of ISS-3 main crew M. Tyurin (flight engineer – RSC
Energia Research Cosmonaut) supervised the EVA operations from inside
the Station and controlled them using the onboard documentation.

After the completion of EVA the Station’s systems were reset to initial

According to the reports of the crew and the Lead Operational Control
Team (LOCT), which performs operation and control of the Station’s flight
from the Mission Control Center near Moscow (MCC-M), the crew feels
well, the state of the onboard systems of the Station corresponds to
the design mode.

SpaceRef staff editor.