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ISS Crew Returns to Regular Workload

By SpaceRef Editor
January 18, 2003
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ISS Crew Returns to Regular Workload

Friday, the Expedition Six crew returned to its regular schedule and a full workload aboard the International Station. The crew had a day of light duty Thursday in order to get some well-deserved rest following Wednesday’s spacewalk.

Commander Ken Bowersox and Flight Engineer Nikolai Budarin removed a radar system from the Progress 9 cargo ship so that it can be returned to Earth. The cargo ship will be commanded to undock from the station in two weeks and to burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere Feb. 1. It will be replaced by the Progress 10 cargo ship, which will arrive Nov. 4.

Crewmembers also performed routine daily tasks and continued to work with station science operations, which included conducting metabolic science experiments.

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