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ISS Crew Preps for Arm Work, New Experiment

By SpaceRef Editor
September 23, 2003
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ISS Crew Preps for Arm Work, New Experiment

A new workweek is under way aboard the International Space Station. Monday, Expedition 7 Commander Yuri Malenchenko and NASA ISS Science Officer Ed Lu set up and reviewed software for Tuesday’s robotic arm operations. The purpose for Tuesday’s operations is for the crew to practice using the arm, which is also known as Canadarm2, and for flight controllers to get additional readings from a temperature sensor.

Expedition 7 will begin a new experiment Wednesday. Lu had a training session for the Cellular Biotechnology Operations Support System/Fluid Dynamics Investigation.

Early in the day, Malenchenko and Lu participated in a Russian medical assessment. They also took samples for a routine test that looks for microbe growth in various parts of the orbital outpost.

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