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Investing in National Security Space in an Age of Austerity

By SpaceRef Editor
March 1, 2013
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Fiscal, strategic, and technological challenges are forcing a re-examination of the space systems on which the U.S. military relies. An increasingly tight budgetary environment will challenge policymakers and defense planners to prioritize in order to maintain essential capabilities and continue to invest in innovation. What those priorities are and how they should be identified is not altogether clear. Nor is there agreement on what are the essential capabilities or investment priorities.

In a new Marshall Institute study, Dr. John Sheldon and Institute President Jeff Kueter outline a framework to “guide policymakers on how to invest in national security space capabilities over the next decade.”

Please join the TechAmerica Space Enterprise Council and the George Marshall Institute on March 7th for a forum discussing the impact of sequester and budgetary austerity on national security space programs and the framework proposed in the Institute study.


Robert Butterworth, President, Aries Analytics

Todd Harrison, Senior Fellow, Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments

John Sheldon, Fellow, The Marshall Institute

Date: March 7, 2013

Time: 10am-11:30am

Where: 601 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, North Building, Suite 600,
Washington, D.C. 20004


SpaceRef staff editor.