Status Report

International Space Station – Increment 1, 2, and 3 Management

By SpaceRef Editor
December 15, 2000
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Note: the following is contained within “Felicity Vol 040” ISS Integrated Program Schedule, 15 December 2000 (1.7 MB Adobe Acrobat file)

International Space Station- Increment 1 Management


  • 2 Progress has docked, unload and is
    ready to undock
  • Sent up late manifested items to support
    crew and repair/replace laptops (Russian
    and OCA)
  • 4A launch


  • Developing processes for handling late
    manifested items for launch and return
  • Support of 4A and continued operational
    support of Increment 1
  • Investigating leaving 4A SAFER on ISS to
    provide additional room for 5A late
    mandatory hardware

Issues and Concerns:

  • RSC- E has not signed the latest IDRD for
    PP2 CR including 4A requirement updates
    (no issues have surfaced)
  • Working with the Russians to get the TVIS
    SDTO accomplished to certify hardware at
    a higher rate prior to crew activities at
    these higher rates.

International Space Station- Increment 2 Management


  • Completed IDRD PP2 TCM, 11/21/00, which
    incorporated comments to Docking
    Compartment 1 and 3 Progress slips, and
    EVA task and Russian updates


  • Submit IDRD PP2 CR in January to
    incorporate final 5A. 1 flight, 5A. 1 Stage, and
    6A fli ght updates.
  • Be gin work on SORR, currently scheduled
    for 2/9/00, by consolidating manifest and
    procedures with MOD.

Issues and Concerns:

  • With 5A.1 slip, Inc 2 is now 113 days long.
    Evaluating whether we want to request a slip
    in 7A.1 to balance the increment duration
    and help utilization accomplish all their goals
  • In anticipation of Progress schedule change,
    we are off-loading crew food and clothes to
    6A MPLM. This will require us to re-evaluate
    mission priorities between SSRMS and food,
    since food is critical for keeping the crew

International Space Station- Increment 3 Management


  • Completed Increment Operations
    Readiness Review (IORR) & Increment
    Flight Operations Review (IFOR)
  • Participated in Planning TIM at Energia
    (10/23- 11/03)
  • Released IDRD PP3 Rev. B CR for
  • Provided initial evaluation of potential
    UF-1 launch slip to 11/1/01

Plans :

  • Present IDRD PP3 Rev. A for unilateral
    baseline (12/14)
  • Conduct IDRD PP3 Rev. B TCM (12/15)
  • Evaluate CR 4422b (DC-1 launch date)
    & CR 4580 (IPOP)

Issues and Concerns :

  • DC-1 launch date impacts on
    Expedition 3 EVA requirements
  • Soyuz TMA seat liners for Expedition 3 crew
  • Soyuz TMA trainer will not be available to
    support Expedition 3 crew training
  • Consumables for single, long Increment 3
    sta ge (113 or 141 days)

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