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International Space Station Communications ISSCOM.065

By SpaceRef Editor
June 15, 2009
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International Space Station Communications ISSCOM.065

EVA of Padalka and Barratt on 5-6-2009.

On the 1st of June 2009 during the pass in ISS Orbit 60348 between 1147 and 1156UTC the cosmonauts tested the space suits. There was a strong cross-modulation from an airtraffic control centre (probably Frankfurt a/M).

The EVA on 5-06-2009 started at 0752UTC ended at 1246UTC, so the duration was 4 hrs and 54 mins. During this EVA the cosmonauts installed a Kurs antenna on the zenith port of the Zvezda module. They also connected the antenna cables. Meanwhile they checked out the space suits of a newer type, the Orlan-MK (equipped by computerized systems). The full EVA could be followed via NASA-TV with clear life images and translations in English. TsUP Msk was leading the EVA and during the passes in which the ISS was within my range in Kijkduin I was able to monitor the conversations with TsUP Msk. The quality of the reception was excellent via VHF-1, 143.625 mc. (And this time no X-modulation at all.)

At TsUP Msk a Volodya was in charge.

Orbit ISS 60409, 0847-0849UTC. The elevation for me was just 1 degree and so the reception was poor. Padalka and Barratt could be heard but very short.

Orbit 60410. 1018-1027UTC. Elevation 17 degrees. Good contact with TsUP Msk (Volodya). Padalka and Barratt with each other about their work and they get instructions from Volodya. He warned them for obstacles. One time Padalka says that something is very complicated. TsUP reacts with instructions. Barratt reports on which handrail they are. They have not much room. Barratt gets instructions how to aim the camera. He also disconnects something. TsUP gives instructions about cables. The following operation is the connection of the frequency cablesa and about a handle. Padalka about a plate and a disc. Padalka asks Volodya to continue leading the work.

Orbit: 60411. 1152-1202UTC. Elevation 54 degrees.

Padalka and Barratt with each other. TsUP calls Padalka. No immediate answer follows. Padalka asks Volodya to wait for a while. He says something about listening. Volodya to Padalka and Barratt about the connections. Barratt reports that he is cold. Already for 5 minutes the temerature is 5 degrees C. Also there is not much light. He switches OFF a pump. TsUP asks him how the situation is at this moment. Barratt says that he has done something and now it is better. TsUP asks to replace the Strela manipulator a little bit to make photographs. TsUP says that they have 20 minutes left. Padalka wants to know at what side. TsUP tells this. About the detachment of a safety line. TsUP reports that regretfully the connection with the camera is interrupted. TsUP tells at what side something has to be done. It has something to do with a motor compartment. Padalka about antenne 2R. TsUP has no images at this moment. Padalka about ‘at the side of the solar panel’.

Orbit: 60412. 1327-1337UTC. Elevation 77 degrees. (Automatic recording)

Padalka about something what is working on the main system. That main system works. Then a long conversation about action with fragment list 2. Also once about fragment list 1. Padalka says that they will fully finish the operation. They did not fully accomplish this. Another time about fragment 2 list 2. That is what they did not yet finish.

TsUP about something they have to close (or: switch OFF).

TsUP and Padalka about swiching ON the ventilators 1 and 2. Padalka with Barratt about this. About the closing of a tank and about a check.

Then an informal chat about having a bath. TsUP about the Telemetry and the switching OFF of the main pumps.

Chris v.d. Berg, NL-9165

Chris v.d. Berg, NL-9165.

SpaceRef staff editor.