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Internal NASA Memo: ARMD Research Center Test Facility Closures Due to FY06 NASA Budget

By SpaceRef Editor
February 17, 2005
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Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2005


From: Thomas Irvine

Subject: ARMD Research Center Test Facility Closures Due to FY06 NASA Budget


The Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate is likely to close a number of the wind tunnels/other large ground test facilities that fall under our HCE responsibility at the beginning of FY06.  So as to not take any unilateral actions that would adversely effect your programs, we ask that you review the list of facilities likely to close as shown below and that you respond back to us by noting those facilities from the list that from your Mission Directorate perspective either cannot or should not close.  Note that any ARMD Research Center facility that you may need to meet program requirements will require sustainment funding between the beginning of FY06 and the actual need date(s).  This may require your Mission Directorate or program offices to provide such funding.  In order for us to accomplish pre-shutdown related activities that would need to be completed in FY05, we are asking that you provide a response by the end of the month (Feb.), even if that response is that more information or time is required before a definitive answer can be provided.  Negative responses would be appreciated as well.  The facilities likely to close are:

Facility                                Location

10X10 Supersonic Wind Tunnel            Glenn Research Center
Hypersonics Test Facility               Glenn Research Center
Engine Research Bldg                    Glenn Research Center
  (Combustion and Turbomachinery Test Cells)
Propulsion Systems Laboratory           Glenn Research Center

14X22 Subsonic Tunnel                   Langley Research Center
Low Turbulence Pressure Tunnel          Langley Research Center
Vertical Spin Tunnel                    Langley Research Center
National Transonic Facility             Langley Research Center
Transonic Dynamics Tunnel               Langley Research Center
Unitary Wind Tunnel                     Langley Research Center
8' High Temperature Tunnel              Langley Research Center
Aerothermodynamics Lab                  Langley Research Center
  (includes 20 Inch Mach 6 CF4 Tunnel; 31 Inch Mach 10 Tunnel; and 15 Inch Mach 6 Tunnel)
Scramjet Facilities                     Langley Research Center
Landing Dynamics Facility               Langley Research Center

I can be reached as noted below or by replying to this e-mail if you need further information.  Thank you for your attention to this action.


Due to the NASA FY06 Budget, the Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate has been working to define the closure of NASA wind tunnels and other major facilities that fall under our HCE responsibility.  The technical barrier breaking/flight demonstrator vehicle based FY06 Vehicle Systems Program which will be announced with the release of the NASA budget on Feb. 7th, requires very few of our existing suite of ground test facilities.  These few are those ground and test flight assets which are necessary to support aircraft and engine noise reduction, remotely operated aircraft design, development, and operations, and the development of electric (fuel cell) based power systems for an all electric aircraft.  Thus, a likely scenario is that we close ground test facilities and capabilities that are no longer necessary to support the aeronautics research program including most of our large wind tunnels and engine test cells.

Numerous other capabilities/facilities that fall under the Headquarters Center Executive responsibility are to be retained and invested in as appropriate.  These are the capabilities required to support research activities in Airspace Systems and Aviation Safety and Security Programs and are primarily information technology based infrastructure, such as simulators, communication systems and human factors laboratory capability.

Thomas (Tom) B. Irvine

Acting Director, ARMD Mission Support Division

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