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Internal NASA GSFC Report: Weekly Input May 14, 2011- May 21, 2011 Submitted to Code 550

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June 30, 2011
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Internal NASA GSFC Report: Weekly Input May 14, 2011- May 21, 2011 Submitted to Code 550

Sent: Thursday, May 19, 2011 1:26 PM
Subject: weekly report


See attached for the input received this week for the Division Report. Enjoy!

WEEKLY INPUT May 14, 2011- May 21, 2011 SUBMITTED TO CODE 550

CODE 550

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CODE 551

ICESat-2 – Rene Boucarut/551: ATLAS Laser Beam Combiner Plate (BCP) on BK7 glass has been received from CVI. Accuracy of the BCP raytracing model has been incrementally directed. Results of the BCP model are communicated with the ATLAS optics designer Luis Ramos-Izquierdo (551). Results of study are to be delivered to Rene Boucarut (551), ATLAS Optics PDL. PCB mechanical designer (Timothy Filemyr) is informed about the results of the study.

JWST ISIM – Davila and Mehalick/551: The JWST Standing Review Board (SRB) outbrief to the project was held last Friday. The SRB heard from the project regarding the new baseline plan (including budget and schedule) for a launch date of fy18. The SRB reported that the new baseline plan for JWST was not viable due to lack of sufficient funding in fy11 and fy12, rapid ramp-up of support planned for fy13 and marginal reserves for the years fy13 fy18. The SRB was very complimentary of the new OTIS testing structure, and systems engineering take-over by GSFC.

JWST ISIM – Davila/551: JWST PIL (Pupil Imaging Lens) user community (ISIM, JSC, WFS&C group) gave the green light to Lockheed Martin for their new proposed singlet design of the NIRCam PIL. The ISIM Optics team evaluation of the new design shows that it will be suitable for optical tests that are planned at ISIM level for optical verification. One important cross-check test will possibly be compromised, but our team is still in the process of evaluating the performance for this case. Lockheed Martin will move forward with the new design and is preparing for a CDR.

JWST ISIM – Davila/551: Requested that George Hartig be an Optical Test Conductor for ISIM level cryo-vac tests. He agreed. Planned support now includes: Pam Davila (lead test conductor) with Ray Ohl and George Hartig supporting.

JWST ISIM – Davila/551: Held cost review with Project Management Jamie Dunn and Resource Analysts; our costs projected to end of this fiscal year are very tight with no margin; suggestion was made to drop some support now to add extra margin in light of possible additional I&T Work Directives that may be forthcoming from Analex.

JWST OSIM – Dean/551: Developed an algorithm interface for handing amplitude recovery during phase retrieval as a component of the optimization interface. The interface allows the user to select between several different amplitude models. Debugging code this week and then will apply to the BIA (Beam Image Analyzer) PHARET data. The PHARET is an imaging array on stages and will be configured with the BIA for phase retrieval during OSIM cryo-testing.

JWST OSIM – Leviton/551: Evaluating BIA (Beam Image Analyzer) linear encoder images for possible scale contamination. Experimenting with encoders that use webcams for image sensors to enable very cheap, very high accuracy position readouts for laboratory GSE mechanisms using USB 2.0 interface.

JWST OTE – Howard/551: Blind Test JSC Aft Optical System (AOS)-ISIM test: “Nominal” data set for 0.5 pass configuration delivered and reviewed by Team B. Minor discrepancies: MIRI wavelength incorrect, labeling inconsistencies. This week: single error dataset delivery (AOS-ISIM B-datum alignment error).

ICESat-2 – Boucarut/551: Held successful kick-off of in-house development of parts for Lateral Transfer Retroreflectors (LTR ); participation from Mike Mulloney, Bryan Martin, Rick Gore and Dick Carter; working with Molly Fahey/554 on ray trace through Polarizing Beam Combiner and the Beam Dump Assembly; looking into new lab space for verification testing 5:W051 may be available; looking into if 551 capability can be used to develop ATLAS coatings (M. Quijada/551, F. Threat/551); Addressing possible thermal load to main fold mirror from Start Pulse Detector electronics.

IXO – Saha/551: Analyzed metrology data of 489P&S2152 mirror segments measured in CT4 mount. Segments have a few large defects degrading the performance. Analyzed PO set of metrology data measured on 489P2136 segment mounted on CT4 mount in the thermal box in place for a long time period. Significant improvements in the repeatability were seen because of the thermal box. (100%) Analyzing metrology data of 489P2136 mirror measured using CT3 mount and thermal box to protect the mirror from thermal fluctuations. (30%) Analyzed calibration data measured on 60-degree null lens.

Other Mission Highlights – Content/551: WFIRST SDT (Science Definition Team) agreed with project recommendation to adopt unobscured 1.3m aperture design for its initial baseline Design reference mission. Project charts presented to SDT by D. Content.

CODE 552

Susan Breon/552 – The Astro-H Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerator (ADR)/Test Dewars/ADR Controller (ADRC) Engineering Peer Review was held this week. The Review was chaired by Susan Breon/552. Panel members included Jim Tuttle/552, Sandra Irish/542, Rodger Farley/543, Matt Garrison/545, Jerry Karsh/564, Steven Feng/564, and Damon Bradley/564. Presentations at the review were made by Code 552 members Mike DiPirro, Peter Shirron, Bryan James, Raul Martinez/BATC, Nick Galassi/542, and Tom Bialas/564.

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