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Inaugural Launch of the Indian Launcher – GSLV

By SpaceRef Editor
March 27, 2001
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Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2001 11:32 AM

Subject: Inaugural Launch of the Indian Launcher – GSLV

March 27, 2001

This is a matter of immense pleasure and honor for me to inform you on
behalf of the Indian Space Research Organisation, Department of Space,
Government of India and the Space Wing of the Embassy of India at
Washington DC that the inaugural launch of GSLV-D1 is about to commence.
Indian Space Research Organisation has made elaborate arrangements and is
presently busy with last minute preparations for the first launch of GSLV
christened as GSLV – D1. The schedule follows :

Date : March 28, 2001

Launch Window : 3:47 PM (IST) to 7.42 PM (IST)
5:17 AM (EST) to 9:12 AM (EST)

Launch is currently scheduled at the beginning of the window that is 3:47
PM (IST) or 5:17 AM (EST).

The following information could be useful.

1. The basic technical features of the launch vehicle and payload –
including mission, propulsive stages, payload fairing, GSLV at a glance, and
GSLV-D1 mission profile – are posted at our website


2. Our national Television „Doordarshan‰ has made elaborate arrangements for
the live telecast of the launch. The scheduled telecast is as follows

Begin : T-30 Minutes

End : T+30 Minutes

for a program duration of approximately one hour from IST 3:00 PM to 7:00

The program shall be carried on the DD News channel. If there are clashes
with regular news broadcast, live telecast will be brought through DD1
National Channel.

The transmission details of DD news and DD1 are given below

DD News : Analog PAL format on PAS-4 satellite at 68.5 deg East

Frequency : 4155 MHz

Polarization : Vertical

Audio : 6.30 MHz

DD1 National : Analog PAL format on INSAT – 2E at 83 deg East

Frequency : 3849 MHz

Polarization : Vertical

Audio : 5.50 MHz

The live TV production is being made by Developmental & Educational
Communication Unit (DECU), Ahmedabad. English and Hindi commentaries are
being provided by Mr. P. Radhakrishnan and Mr. M. C. Uttam, respectively.

3. Please be advised that this being an inaugural launch, unexpected
technical glitches may crop up and launch may get postponed. You may like to
visit our website for further updates.

4. As you may be aware that with the first operational launch of PSLV on
September 29, 1997, India achieved the end-to-end capability in the remote
sensing field covering – indigenous design and realization of satellite, its
launch using indigenous launcher PSLV, network of ground stations and
ultimate utilization of the data. GSLV launch – when operational – would
establish similar end – to – end capability in the satellite communication
area as well. Presently, India builds its own telecommunications satellites
and exercises its complete ground infrastructure to utilize its telecom
capability. However, we have to depend upon foreign launches.

5. It is worth recalling that currently India operates a fleet of 6
geostationary satellites and an additional fleet of 5 remote sensing
satellites with two of them selling satellite imagery at a resolution of

6. The statistics of the inaugural launch is really very dismal. Very few –
if at all any – first flights of new launch vehicles have been successful
so far in the space history. And we are aware of the odds against us. We
look forward to your support and best wishes for the forthcoming launch
which would bring us closer to self sufficiency in launching satellites into
geosynchronous orbits as well.

For any further information, you are welcome to reach me anytime you feel

Dr. Rajeev Lochan
Counsellor (Space)
Embassy of India
2536 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington DC 20008

Tel : 202.939.9811 (Work)
Tel : 301.229.8465 (Home)
Cell : 301.437.7247
Fax : 202.939.9870
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