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Icarus Special Issue; The Pluto System

By SpaceRef Editor
November 10, 2013
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Icarus Special Issue; The Pluto System

An Icarus special issue on Pluto system science will be published in 2014. The pace of discovery about the Pluto system has accelerated continually since its discovery in 1930, and we are now on the doorstep of the most dramatic advances yet, with the system’s exploration by NASA’s New Horizons probe in 2015. New Horizons, equipped with a powerful suite of scientific instruments, will explore Pluto and its complex system of moons and potential rings/dust assemblages. The encounter will herald the exploration of the newly recognized planetary class called ice dwarfs, prevalent in the outer solar system.  This special issue sets the stage for the encounter, with scientific papers on:

+ New results from observations, theoretical modeling, and laboratory   studies relevant to the Pluto system + Pre-encounter predictions of Pluto system properties and processes + Investigations into the implications of Pluto system science for   broader outer Solar System studies

All are welcome to contribute.

The submission deadline is December 20. Go to: 


and select “Special Issue: Pluto System” under manuscript type. 


Special issue editors: Will Grundy, Alan Stern, Fran Bagenal, Randy Gladstone, and Bonnie Buratti.

SpaceRef staff editor.