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IAF Spring Meetings 2020 Cancellation

By SpaceRef Editor
March 5, 2020
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It is with deep regret that we inform you that the IAF has decided to cancel the IAF Spring Meetings 2020 that were planned in Paris on 24-26 March 2020.

Despite the fact that the French government has not yet enforced any restrictions on events with less than 5.000 people, the growing concerns over the spreading of the Covid-19 virus and the fact that many of our colleagues have annulled their trips to Paris due to travel restrictions led us to believe that it is our responsibility to think of the health and safety of our community and therefore cancel the physical meetings.

However, we are committed to ensure that most of the meetings and discussions that would normally take place in Paris can still take place remotely, via video and phone connections, in order not to disrupt the activities of the Federation and its community. Please see below for more information on the various measures:

  • ABSTRACT SELECTION – will be performed online through the IAF restricted area. Our team is working to ensure that we can open the abstract selection earlier and leave it open for longer, to give you ample time to perform all transfers, selection and related tasks. Those involved in the IAC 2020 Abstract Selection will receive a dedicated email with precise instructions and deadlines;
  • PLENARIES SELECTION and IPC SG MEETING – this will also be done offline through email and a separate teleconference will be planned for the IPC SG. Details will be communicated to the IPC SG members;
  • TECHNICAL and ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEES – We are planning on holding all the meetings remotely. We consider that the best time zone for all to connect is between 13 and 16 Paris time. Therefore, we will keep all meetings scheduled around those times and we will consult with the committee Chairs on the detailed planning and provide them with teleconferences access instructions. We will consider hosting the meetings in the weeks of 23-27 March as well as 30 March – 3 April to allow for more available slots;
  • IPC GENERAL MEETING – all the instructions and presentations will be shared via email and will be available on the IAF restricted area;
  • IAF DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD CEREMONY – will be postponed to IAC 2020 in Dubai, UAE;
  • IAF BUREAU and FINANCE Committees: please note that members of the IAF Bureau and Finance Committee will receive a separate email with further information and suggestions on the forward planning.

We are sorry to inform you that we will have to cancel the IDEA and GNF Programmes planned for the IAF SM week.

We know that many of you had already made arrangements to meet us in Paris, but we trust you understand the reason for this decision under these extreme circumstances. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you and we thank you for your understanding.

With our best regards from Paris,
The IAF Secretariat

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