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I3P at Ames – NASA’s IT Infrastructure Integration Program

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July 15, 2011
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Subject: I3P at Ames – NASA’s IT Infrastructure Integration Program.
From: Centerwide Announcement
Date: Friday, July 15, 2011

TO: Resident Staff.

FROM: James F. Williams, Director, Information Technology.

SUBJECT: I3P at Ames – NASA’s IT Infrastructure Integration Program.


NASA’s IT Infrastructure Integration Program (I3P) is underway across the Agency, transforming NASA’s IT Infrastructure services from a Center-based model to an enterprise-based management and provisioning model. The scope of I3P is broad, entailing consolidation and central management of IT services under four key contracts. I want to introduce our Ames I3P transformation team, give you some details about I3P, and let you know about the upcoming Ames I3P Day at Mega Bites Cafe.

I3P has four primary contracts, supported by an Enterprise Service Desk (ESD). These contracts and their Ames Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are as follows:

* End-User Services is supported by the Agency Consolidated End-User Services (ACES) contract. Our ACES SME is Eva Welch. End-User Services include: Desktops, Laptops, Multi-function copiers/printers, Smart Phones, Cell phones, Pagers, E-mail, Calendaring and Office automation software.

* Enterprise Applications Services is supported by the Enterprise Applications Service Technologies (EAST) contract. Our EAST SME is Kim Hubbard. Enterprise Applications Services include: Agency financial system (i.e. SAP), WebTADS, Contract management module, Human Capital Information Environment (HCIE), Supply Management, Real Property, Identity Credential and Access Management (ICAM), Integrated Collaborative Environment (ICE) and Lines of Business (LOB).

* Communications Services is supported by the NASA Integrated Communications Services (NICS) and Networx contracts. Our NICS SME is West Kurihara. Communications Services include: Mission and Corporate Wide-area networks and Local-area networks, Collaboration tools (video and audio), voice services, and Center services (for example cable, emergency warning and public address systems, radio, and phone systems).

* Web Services are supported by the Web Enterprises Services Technology (WEST) contract. Our WEST SME is Ian Sturken. Web Services include: Website hosting, Web content management, Integration and Search services.

* The Enterprise Service Desk (ESD) provides a consolidated service desk and self-service website. Our ESD SME is Susan Levine. The ESD will be the main interface between end-users and I3P service providers.

Each Center has additional team members managing I3P activities and communications:

* Center Integration Lead (CIL) – Susan Levine is our Center’s CIL. Her responsibilities include oversight of all IT Service Delivery processes at the Center and supporting Ames SMEs. She is the primary interface with Integration Leads at the Service Offices and interfaces with Agency, Service Office, and Project Integration Leads, as well as serves on Agency boards and working groups.

* Ames Communications & OSC2 — Penny Hubbard is responsible for ensuring clear, concise and timely communications are provided about I3P. She is Ames representative on the OCIO Strategic Communications Committee (OSC2). This committee plans, develops and delivers Agency-wide I3P communications, and takes the Agency details and ensures they are relevant and consistent with what is happening locally.


We are consistently assessing the impacts of I3P on the Center and working to minimize them as much as possible. We will post schedules and details as we become aware of them, and communicate with you on a regular basis.


While some transitions are already taking place, Ames is scheduled to be fully integrated by March 2012. In the meantime we will be identifying pilot testers, communicating directly to impacted teams, and providing informational I3P activities. We’ve created an Ames I3P online resource you may want to bookmark and refer to:


Keep an eye out for Agency and Center messages regarding this significant NASA-wide transformation. Visit the informational I3P site for Ames and Agency details, and mark your calendar to attend the I3P Day, Wednesday, August 10, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., at Mega Bites Cafe. I3P Day is an informational event with specifics about the transformation, and provides an opportunity to meet our local Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), CIL, and ask any questions you may have.


Please visit the Ames I3P site to learn more about I3P and take advantage of the “Post Your Question” feature: .

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