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Humans in Outer Space – Interdisciplinary Odysseys

By SpaceRef Editor
September 17, 2007
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Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to announce the ESF-ESA-ESPI Conference *”Humans in Outer Space – Interdisciplinary Odysseys”*, to be held in the Vienna Konzerthaus, Austria, on 11-12 October 2007, locally organized by ESPI with the support of BMViT. An event description is attached. Further information on this conference can be found on the following web site:

For human exploration of the Moon and Mars nations and agencies might soon be prepared with regards technology development. But what of the contribution from the humanities and social sciences? This conference, co-organised by the European Science Foundation (ESF), the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Space Policy Institute (ESPI), will aim at being the first comprehensive trans-disciplinary dialogue in Europe on humans in outer space. It will go further than regarding humans as mere tools for exploration, or better robots, and will investigate the human quest for odysseys beyond the atmosphere and reflect on the possibilities to find extraterrestrial life. The conference shall open up new perspectives in assessing humankind’s present and future outside the Earth and document this in a “Vienna Vision on Humans in Outer Space”.

You are invited to attend this event, by registering your participation through the above link. The registration fee for this event is 130 Euro.

We hope to have the pleasure of seeing you in Vienna.

The organisers

SpaceRef staff editor.