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Hubble Space Telescope Daily Report #2779 01/04/01

By SpaceRef Editor
January 4, 2001
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PERIOD COVERED:  0000Z (UTC) 01/03/01 – 0000Z (UTC) 01/04/01
Daily Status Report as of 004/0000Z
    1.1 Completed STIS/CCD/MA1 8582 (UV Detectability of Bright Quasars in the Sloan Fields)
        The Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (CCD and MA1) was used to examine the He II Ly alpha absorption at 304{1+z} Angstrom which is a far more sensitive tracer of the intergalactic medium {IGM} than its H I counterpart.  The recent detections of such absorption in four quasars, albeit with limited data quality and a small sample size, demonstrate the great potential of such a probe.  There were no reported problems.
    1.2 Completed WF/PC-2/STIS/CCD 8191 (The Faintest Radio Galaxies: Interacting Starbursts at z<1)
        Deep WF/PC-2 imaging and Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (CCD) slitless spectroscopy of two of our ultra-deep VLA fields were
performed.  There were no reported problems.
The following scheduled proposals did not execute due to the safemode event described in 2.3.
  – WF/PC-2 8222 (An Emission Line Survey of the Crab Nebula)
  – Four Sets of STIS/CCD 8562 (Probing the Large Scale Structure:     Cosmic Shear Observations)
  – STIS/CCD 8838 (Bias Monitor – Part 1)
  – STIS/CCD 8884 (POMS Test Proposal: STIS Non-Scripted Parallel     Proposal Continuation)
  – WF/PC-2 8815 (Cycle 9 Earth Flats)
  – Two Sets of STIS/CCD 8837 (CCD Dark Monitor-Part 1)
  – WF/PC-2 8720 (Masses and Multiplicity of Nearby Free- Floating     Methane and L Dwarfs)
  – STIS/CCD/MA1 8691 (Calibrating the Cosmic Meter Stick: The
    Distance to the LMC Using Eclipsing Binaries)
  – WF/PC-2 8059 (POMS Test Proposal: Targeted Parallel Archive
  – STIS/CCD/MA1/MA2 8635 (A Test Of Pulsation And Diffusion Theory     For Subluminous B Stars)
  – WF/PC-2 8805 (POMS Test Proposal: WFII Parallel Archive Proposal     Continuation)
    2.1 Guide Star Acquisitions:
      Scheduled Acquisitions: 0
Successful: 0
    Scheduled Re-acquisitions: 0
Successful: 0
    2.2 FHST Updates:
                  Scheduled: 0
Successful: 0
    2.3 Operations Notes:
        The spacecraft autonomously entered Software Sun Point (SWSP) Safemode at 003/102417Z as a result of failing the SADE Torque
Test.  Analyses indicate a SADE-2R failure early in a SA slew.  HSTAR 8028 documents this event.  This anomaly had similar characteristics of a bit-flip event on day 090 of 1997.  Upon entry to SWSP, SADE-1R was powered on and the arrays were successfully slewed to 90 degrees.
        Safemode recovery was successfully completed with the interception of the Health and Safety SMS at 004/0000Z.  A test of SADE-2R was successfully performed at 004/0200Z.  All SADE-2R telemetry was nominal as both positive and negative seven-degree slews were executed.  Flight software was configured for SADE-2R usage.
        Recovery of all science instruments will be accomplished by 004/1321Z.  The science SMS is scheduled to begin execution at 004/1400Z.
        Battery charge control will be returned to software charge control at approximately 004/1500Z.
        The re-start of continued normal science observations and calibrations.

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