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HMP Research Station Status Report for July 15, 2008

By SpaceRef Editor
July 15, 2008
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HMP Research Station Status Report for July 15, 2008

Three new HMP participants arrived today on a twin otter: Tom Lamarche and Perry Johnson-Green, both from the Canadian Space Agency, and Chris Iles from the Communications Research Center of Canada.

Charles Cockell (Open University) led a traverse to Trinity Lake with Matthew Izawa, Alaura Singleton and Simon Auclair, all from the University of Western Ontario. Jesse Weaver (technician) and Elaine Walker (EPO, Mars Institute) joined them on the traverse.

Gordon “Oz” Osinski (PI, CSA) and crew traversed to the Haughton River Valley. Tim Barfoot (PI, University of Toronto) joined them via helicopter. The day went well for all of them. After dinner, Oz gave a lecture on impact structures. Also after dinner Tom Graham (University of Guelph) was presented with a birthday “cake” shaped like the Arthur C. Clarke Mars Greenhouse.

The helicopter left today and will be back in a few days. It is snowing in Resolute so we were prepared for the weather to break, but today we saw a lot of blue sky.

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