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HMP Research Station Status Report for July 13, 2008

By SpaceRef Editor
July 14, 2008
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HMP Research Station Status Report for July 13, 2008

Four new HMP participants flew aboard a twin otter to Devon Island this morning. Participants include Katsak Manik and James Hunter, both from Resolute, who will be helping with many tasks at base camp, Nadeem Ghafoor of MDA Space Missions, and Elaine Walker, EPO, Mars Institute. Elaine (yours truly) will be posting status reports, blogs, photos and videos from now on until August 13 when she departs.

The weather was “warm” (this is a relative term) and clear upon our arrival. Greeting us at the landing strip was Nick Wilkinson (Project Manager), John Schutt (HMP Base Camp Manager), Stephen Braham (Associate Director), Kimik (the dog), Jesse Weaver (technician), and others.

Stephen Braham conducted the evening meeting in which the following was discussed: Nick Wilkinson reports that the helicopter will be arriving at 9:30am and staying until Tuesday. The next twin otter flight is Tuesday. John Schutt reports that the 1st oil change happened today, and that the next 4 or 5 days will not be sunny and that we should make sure our sleeping tents are prepared for high winds. Tim Barfoot (Principal Investigator, University of Toronto) reports that the Lidar is on schedule. Matt Bamsey (CSA) reports that the greenhouse will be operational soon. Gordon “Oz” Osinski (Principal Investigator, CSA) had a good day in the crater. The rivers are dry so they could access areas that are normally more difficult. Charles Cockell had a good day looking for microbes and crustations.

“HMP7SFU Portable Elaine out and clear”


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