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HMP-2002 Photo Report: Sensor Installation in the HMP Arthur Clarke Mars Greenhouse [Part 1]

By SpaceRef Editor
July 22, 2002
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Photos: HMP-2002 / SpaceRef

Keegan Boyd, CSA intern (also a student at McGill University) programs sensor software using LabView

Tom Graham, University of Guelph, installs light sensors on the roof of the greenhouse.

Sensor installation and checkout inside of greenhouse.

Alain Berinstain, Mars Lead, CSA, connecting sensor lines to control modules.

PlanetNet 1 node, a component of the CSA-funded MarsCanada Project led by Simon Fraser University.

Keegan Boyd testing sensor connections.

SpaceRef “HOBO” data logger which will be used to record greenhouse performance over the winter months.

Marc Boucher, SpaceRef, programming HOBO data logger.

Marc Boucher setting the HOBO “shuttle” which dowloads data directly from the data loggers.

  • Arthur Clarke Mars Greenhouse: Frequently Asked Questions (excerpt), SpaceRef

    The ACMG will be deployed and equipped in two stages, the first in Summer 2002, the second in Summer 2003. The 2002 field season will be dedicated to installation and monitoring of the basic environmental characteristics of the greenhouse. Research operations involving selected plant growth would begin in 2003. The specific research programs for 2003 and beyond have not yet been established. Once the basic operational parameters of the ACMG are understood this science selection process will begin.

    During 2002 the Centre for Research in Earth and Space Technology (CRESTECH) along with the University of Guelph will outfit the ACMG with a variety of sensors and computer monitoring hardware. This equipment will be deployed and operated by personnel from the University of Guelph and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) The main focus of this effort with be to calibrate the basic performance of the ACMG prior to the introduction of plants or experiments and to gauge what augmentation (heating, lighting etc.) may be required. To achieve this, a set of standard sensors (CO2, humidity, temperature, light) will be installed inside the ACMG. A weather station will also be deployed outside the greenhouse.

    Together, this suite of sensors will provide the team with initial environmental data that will be used to create a model of the greenhouse environment to be used in subsequent stages of the project. This hardware will be in place for several weeks. To keep tabs on how the ACMG performs over winter, SpaceRef will deploy a pair of “HOBO” data loggers and sensors that will measure temperature (internal and external), pressure, and light levels. These data logger units are powered by long-life batteries and will have their measurements (taken daily) downloaded in 2003 In future years, this sensor array will be expanded to monitor all aspects of greenhouse operations. We eventually hope to have interactive, year-round monitoring of the ACMG.

  • SpaceRef staff editor.