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HMP-2002: Pascal’s Lee’s log 29 June 2002

By SpaceRef Editor
June 29, 2002
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The 2002 summer field season of the NASA Haughton-Mars Project
has begun. Those of us who will be opening up camp and staying
on Devon Island for the entire field season reached Resolute Bay
today. The hamlet was under rain and fog but we were happy to be
among friends again.

We held a briefing meeting after our 6 pm
dinner at the Coop Hotel. Present were Steve Braham, Gordon “Oz”
Osinski, John Schutt, A C Hitch, Vicky Glass, Ginger Howell, Joe
Amarualik, Matthew Pudluk, Jeffrey Kheraj, and Sandy Salluviniq.
After the meeting we headed up to the airport and visited with
Polar Shelf and First Air to check on cargo and flight schedules.
Logistics are in place and our payloads are in good shape.

latest pilot reports from a few days ago indicate significant snow
is still present at Haughton Crater on Devon Island, we are still
anticipating a put-in attempt beginning on Monday, July 1st, after
the midday Canada Day parade. Our Mars analog research program should begin shortly thereafter.

A first Mars exploration technology experiment to be carried out
will involve continued development and field tests of a new ground-
penetrating radar antenna design. Conceived by Firestar Engineering
LLC, the SETI Institute, and NASA Ames Research Center, the field
experiment will help open the way for surface ground penetrating radar
surveys on Mars in the near-future.

Pascal Lee

SpaceRef staff editor.