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High Resolution Topographic Data for Your Research

By SpaceRef Editor
July 24, 2011
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This announcement describes opportunities for obtaining digital topographic data in support of geologic mapping and other research that are of particular importance because the NASA PG&G Cartography program does not currently support the systematic production of topographic map quadrangles.

The Astrogeology Team of the USGS, Flagstaff operates a Planetary Photogrammetry Guest Facility on behalf of the PG&G program. Qualified scientists are welcome to use this facility to produce digital topographic models (DTMs) from stereo images. Training and use of the system are free but researchers are responsible for their travel expenses because the state-of-the-art hardware/software system cannot be used remotely. For more information about capabilities and how to apply, see

Cartographers of the Astrogeology Team are also available to partner with researchers to deliver DTMs via subcontract to a research proposal. The cost of DTMs depends on the volume and complexity of the image data analyzed and the ancillary products included, but is in the range of $5-10K for HiRISE and LROC-NAC DTMs with meter-scale resolution and ~10^8 height points. For further information see the web page above or send inquiries to Dr. Randolph Kirk at the USGS (

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