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Haughton Mars Project Report Number: HMP-2001-0814

By SpaceRef Editor
August 14, 2001
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By: Dr. Pascal Lee

The blue skies gave way to a drizzly overcast under strong winds.
The crew of Phase 6 in the Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station
has already settled into a routine. The crew is composed of Prof
Steve Braham (Simon Fraser University, Chief Field engineer for
the NASA HMP, Dr Charles Cockell (British Antarctic Survey, Chief
biologist on the NASA HMP), Dr Tam Czarnik M.D. (our medical officer),
Dr George James (aerospace engineer at NASA Johnson Space Center,
Rocky Persaud (a mechanical engineer and undergraduate student in
geology at the University of Toronto), Eric Tilenius (Silicon Valley
entrepreneur and Board member of the Mars Society), and me (Pascal
Lee, planetary scientist at the SETI Institute, based at NASA Ames
Research Center).

Visit of a delegation of representatives from Grise Fiord,
Ellesmere Island, to Haughton Crater.

(Photo by Pascal Lee, 010812-045)

The day was marked by the important official visit to our research
site by a delegation of representatives from the Grise Fiord Community.
Grise Fiord, located on Ellesmere Island, is the northernmost town in
Canada. The visit was a happy occasion. After a tour of the HMP Base
Camp and of the FMARS, the delegation stayed for dinner at Base Camp.
It was a good day, with positive exchanges and friendship. I will be
visiting Resolute Bay and Grise Fiord again in November to continue
consulting with Northern communities about our project on a regular

Colleen Lenahan accompanied our visitors and came to Haughton for the
day. She has been helping support our project all summer as our Liaison
Officer in Resolute Bay, a big job very well done!

Colleen Lenahan, Liaison Officer in Resolute Bay for the NASA
Haughton-Mars Project, during her visit today.

(Photo NASA Haughton-Mars Project / Pascal Lee 010812-068)

This evening we had our first EVA. Just a local one around the Habitat
for the new crew members to familiarize themselves with the procedures.
The plan was to scout out a location to set up a wind turbine in the
next few days. The turbine will provide power through the winter for
a set of environmental sensors at the FMARS. If all goes well, the data
should be accessible this winter via satellite. This experiment is the
result of a collaboration involving George James and Kevin Shoemaker of
the Mars Society.

George James, Tam Czarnik (#7) and Eric Tilenius (#3) during their
EVA on the rim of Haughton Crater on Haynes Ridge.

(Photo by Pascal Lee 010812-094)

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