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H-IIA F3 Daily Report, 30-08-2002: 11 days before a launch

By SpaceRef Editor
August 30, 2002
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Launch preparation for September 10 is going well at the Tanegashima Space
Center (TNSC) .

A large-scale typhoon #15 is expected to pass around 250km from the launch
site between the late 29th to the early morning of the 30th. The operations
are carefully conducted as rain and wind are getting harder because of the
typhoon coming closer.

The two payloads, Data Relay Test Satellite and Unmanned Space Experiment
Recovery System Spacecraft, are now enclosed in the fairing and awaiting for
the day to be loaded onto the launch vehicle next week. The batteries of
both satellites are being charged, and their environment, such as
temperature, humidity and cleanliness, is always monitored.

SpaceRef staff editor.