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GSFC Management Council Meeting Minutes 5 Feb 2001

By SpaceRef Editor
February 5, 2001
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  • The Executive Council Retreat is scheduled for this afternoon, Tuesday, and Wednesday at the University of MD.
  • Attended press conference at JPL on Thursday announcing the selection of Dr. Elachi as new Director.    Will be meeting with Dr. Elachi and HQS/Weiler in
    late-February.  Executive Council will meet with JPL senior management in March.


  • QED’s were held last week and went well.
  • EOS meeting with TRW/JoAnn McGuire is scheduled for Thursday.
  • Pre-Swift Confirmation Review is scheduled for Thursday with Al Diaz.


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  • Jim Hanson was awarded one of six awards from the Heinz Foundation for his research on global warming.


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  • Code 588 hosted a meeting with local universities to build up enterprises for collaborative work.
  • EO-1 — have worked issue with X-band anomaly.  Are preparing final report.
  • Continue to work issue with AQUA.  Report should be out in a couple weeks.


  • EO-1 is now 100 percent operational.

  • EUVE is in safemode.

  • HST will receive the 2001 Space Foundation Achievement Award in April.


  • Pass.


  • TopHAT Long Duration Balloon was a successful mission.  Was in the air 644 hours.  Recovered hard drive with scientific data.
  • ULDB launch out of Australia is awaiting second window later this week.


  • Attended EOS Investigators Working Group meeting in Florida last week.  Meeting was well attended.


  • Pass


  • Reminder that anyone with information concerning vacuum chambers obtained by Goddard and manufactured by Chicago Bridge & Iron or Pitt-Des Moines, Inc.
    should contact Larry.  (Reference email message forwarded on 1/31/01.)


  • Meeting with HQ/Keegan and Figueroa this week on Technical Review process.  Meeting with HQ/M/Spearing and HQ/Y/Luther will follow.


  • Alison is attending the funeral services for Linda Washko.  Linda was a Code 220 employee who died last week.
  • GAO has initiated a review of Siting of Federal Facilities at the request of Senator Dorgan.  At NASA, GAO plans to survey one or more recent site acquisitions
    including ESSB.
  • OIG is starting a second review at GSFC of UNIX operating system controls.  They have selected two Cray Vector Supercomputers for audit from Code 930.
  • The OIG reports that a former GSFC employee was named in an indictment and charged with embezzlement and theft of public money.
  • The Technical Requirements Document for the Advanced Baseline sounder, a joint NASA/NOAA effort, was posted on 1/26/01.  Comments are due by 2/7/01.
  • The draft RFP for Library Services was released on 2/2/01.  Comments are due by 2/16/01.
  • The HQ Code H Procurement Management Survey outbriefing was held on 2/12/01.  In general, the results were positive.  A few elements were noted for
  • Have decided on an 18-month follow-on to ODIN delivery order.  Changes will be made to the current delivery order, and service will be improved.


  • Much interest was expressed at the meeting with Code 588 and universities.


  • Hiring control situation is unchanged.


  • Pass


  • Diversity Dialog sessions begin this week.  Please remind nominees to attend their sessions.

  • SpaceRef staff editor.