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German Space Day – Live link to the ISS / ESA TV Live / 21 SEP 2001

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September 20, 2001
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The next transmission of the ESA TV Service will be:

21-Sep-01 12:30 – 13:00 GMT

German Space Day – live link to the ISS


Background information on the transmission:

On Friday 21 September, the German Space Agency DLR is organising the fourth nationwide German Space Day together with air and space industry, universities and scientific institutions. On this occasion, a group of grade 7 pupils will be talking to the current Expedition Three Crew onboad the International Space Station, Frank Culbertson, Vladimir Dezhurov and Mikhhail Tyurin. ESA astronaut Gerhard Thiele wil be acting as moderator in Oberpaffenhofen near Munich, where the event will the biggest Space Day event will take place in a DLR establishment

The ESA TV Service broadcasts live the video and audio feed from the ISS to Germany with the answers of the astronauts, in English, on the pupils questions on topics like: How do you eat, sleep and work in space? Which experiments are currently running on the ISS? How did you become an astronaut? Which are your personal items on board, and which items do you miss most in space? How fas and high does the ISS fly?

The feed from the ISS may be reused by all broadcasters. Please note the satellite parameters on NSS-K below.

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Transmission details:Satellite parameters NSS-K at 21.5 degrees West

Transponder H07, dig ch 2, vertical

F=11.591 MHz, MCPC, 20.150 MS/sec, FEC 3/4

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