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Genesis Mission Status Update June 16, 2003

By SpaceRef Editor
June 17, 2003
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Genesis Mission Status Update June 16, 2003

The Genesis spacecraft continues its mission collecting solar wind
material expelled from the Sun. Telemetry from the Genesis spacecraft
indicates that all spacecraft subsystems are reporting nominal operation.

Last Wednesday the Genesis spacecraft performed a seven minute burn.
This station keeping maneuver was a planned operation designed to keep
the Genesis spacecraft within it designed orbit. Including the station
keeping maneuver, total propellant used during the entire mission thus
far are 17.67 kilograms.

Genesis’ sample return capsule battery temperature is still below
predicts, at about 50?C. While the temperature is expected to
increase as the spacecraft moves towards perihelion, the Genesis team
is confident it will remain well within operational parameters for the
remainder of the mission.

Recent solar activity has called for the "high solar speed" collector
array to be deployed 75% of the time, and the E-Array, which handles
coronal mass ejections, 21% of the time. The arrays in the Bulk
collection handled the remaining 4% of solar activity harvesting.

Genesis Vital Statistics:

  • 678 days since launch.
  • 292 days to planned completion of solar particle collection.
  • 449 days to Genesis return to Earth.

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