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Genesis Mission Status Update February 19, 2002

By SpaceRef Editor
February 28, 2002
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A patch to EEPROM (programmable memory) was installed on Saturday
to correct a single bit. A load ‘n’ go sequence was developed to
set EEPROM’s write speed to high (fly-as-you-test reasons), load the
two patch files, and set the write speed back to low. EEPROM writing
was enabled for about 2.1 seconds, though the actual write took much
less time.

A check performed after the write showed a successful load, with
the bit still needing correction. The patch, which cleverly included
only 28 bytes of code and data, was quickly developed without deviating
from our standard process and controls. Again note that this one bit
does NOT indicate a global problem.

The flight software group spearheaded the EEPROM patch design and
development. They are also making two science-related patches, one
to provide adjustable rejection grid voltage steps, and the other to
change the alpha weight factor to fix entry into the coronal mass
ejection regime.

The good news for us is that the solar wind collection continues
with no unplanned interruptions.

SpaceRef staff editor.