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Full Summons and Complaint by SpaceX against Boeing Company and Lockheed Martin Corporation (complete document)

By SpaceRef Editor
October 23, 2005
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Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, Plaintiff


The Boeing Comany and Lockheed Martin Corporation, Defendants

Case CV05-7533

Full Summons and Complaint (2.9 MB PDF)


“1. This is an action by Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (“SpaceX”) against the Boeing Company and Lockheed Martin Corporation for violations of antitrust, unfair competition and racketeering laws. Boeing and Lockheed Martin have engaged in an unlawful conspiracy to eliminate competition in, and ultimately to monopolize, the government space launch business and prevent SpaceX and other potential new entrants from competing in that business.”

“4. SpaceX poses a significant threat to Boeing and Lockheed Martin’s dominant position. It has developed new technologies and a new business model that will allow it to reduce dramatically the cost of access to space and increase the reliability of launch vehicles. The rockets being developed by SpaceX will perform better, and will be much less expensive, than those offered by Boeing or Lockheed Martin.”

SpaceRef staff editor.