Status Report

Free Smarthone App for Tracking Fireballs

By SpaceRef Editor
November 10, 2013
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We’ve developed a smartphone app that allows anyone to report a  fireball sighting anywhere in the world. Its designed so that we can  potentially get data of sufficient quality to create a crowd source  smartphone fireball network. Its free, fun to use (we hope!), and it  has a very easy interface – simply point at the sky where you think  the fireball started and click on your phone, and do the same for where  you think it ended. You can then input a variety of other data. If we  get enough observations we can determine a trajectory and send that  information back to you – for instance, you might get a message that  the rock that made your fireball came from the outer asteroid belt, or  that it was a chunk of a comet. The app also includes images and  updates from our project: 
It is available for both iOS and Android: 
or just search for ‘fireballs in the sky’ on app stores. Let us know if  you have any problems, or suggestions for improvements. Hope you have  fun with it!

SpaceRef staff editor.