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Florida Spacegram 31 May 2001

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May 31, 2001
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Weldon Introduces Spaceport Financing Legislation
Florida Congressman Dave Weldon, vice chairman of the Space &
Aeronautics Subcommittee, has introduced legislation to allow
tax-exempt bonds to finance spaceport improvements.  The bill
would extend to spaceports the same financing tools that are
currently available for airports and seaports, making it easier for
states spaceports to do infrastructure improvements which could
reduce space transportation costs.

Florida Plans Presence at Bio-2001 & Paris Air Show
Enterprise Florida is organizing a major Florida presence at June
events like Bio-2001 in San Diego and the Paris Air Show. 
Florida representatives will participate in these events along with
industry leaders to market Florida-based products and services. 
The Bio-2001 event will allow the state to showcase the development
of the Space Experiment, Research & Processing Laboratory (SERPL)
at the Cape Canaveral Spaceport to support life sciences research and
experiments aboard the International Space Station.

Spaceport Authority Honored for Student Launch Programs — The
Spaceport Florida Authority and official Kenneth Pete Gunn were
recognized in Sheboygan recently for their contribution to a
Wisconsin Rockets for Schools educational outreach program that has
included the launch of LiteStar suborbital rockets.  Mr. Gunn
was also honored by students from Chicago’s Roberto Clemente High
School  with a plaque of their own for his support in arranging
access for inner-city students to participate in educational launch
programs, including a Space Shuttle launch in Florida.
Orlando Airport Officials Visit Spaceport to Discuss Master
— Officials from the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority
visited the Cape Canaveral Spaceport this week to discuss the ongoing
master planning efforts for the spaceport and provide related insight
into the highly successful planning and operations at the Orlando
International Airport.

SIFT places 57 Teachers in Summer Positions with Industry
The Summer Industrial Fellowship for Teachers (SIFT) has arranged
summer employment in the space and health industries for 57 K-12
teachers.  The summer salary costs are shared by participating
companies and SIFT, which uses Challenger license plate funds
provided through the Technological Research & Development
Authority.  The program allows teachers to bring their summer
industry experience back to their classrooms.  Participating
companies include United Space Alliance, Boeing, Comprehensive Health
Services, Dynamac, Harris Corp., Johnson Controls, the Spaceport
Authority, Astronauts Memorial Foundation, and Wuesthoff
Hospital.  Visit
for information.

Pratt & Whitney Delays RD-180 Production Until 2008
According to Space News, Pratt & Whitney will not produce
U.S.-made versions of Russias RD-180 rocket engines until at least
2008.  Pratt & Whitney would likely produce the engines in
their West Palm Beach facility.  The three-year delay is the
result of shifting company plans and technology control issues. 
Until U.S. versions are available, Lockheed Martin will use an
inventory of existing Russian-produced RD-180s for commercial and
military missions aboard Atlas III and Atlas V rockets. 

FSRI Welcomes Katherine Harris to Manufacturers Association Event
— Former astronaut Sam Durrance, executive director of the
Florida Space Research Institute (FSRI) introduced Florida Secretary
of State Katherine Harris at a May 21 Manufacturers Association event
in Cape Canaveral.

NASA Selects Contractors for Next-Generation Launcher Efforts
— Under its new Space Launch Initiative (SLI), NASA has selected
22 organizations to develop technologies and concepts for a
second-generation reusable launch vehicle, possibly leading to a
replacement for the Space Shuttle.  Large companies like Boeing,
Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Pratt & Whitney, Orbital Sciences,
Northrop Grumman, and others, were joined by small companies like
Kistler, Futron, and Universal Space Lines in this SLI first-round of
awards totaling $767 million.

Tallahassee Students Build Space Station Habitation Module
Middle-school students from the Florida State University School have
created their own habitation module for the International Space
Station completed the last of two expeditions on May 11. 
Twenty-eight students were selected from a pool of 100 to participate
in missions aboard the module.  Entire classes inspected the
site and witnessed the student astronauts and mission controllers in
action.  State Comptroller Bob Milligan visited the operation
and declared, this is an exciting way to learn!

Shuttle Could Serve as Module and Rescue Vehicle — According
to Florida Today, NASA is considering the concept of keeping a Space
Shuttle docked to the Space Station for extended periods to allow an
expanded crew presence for supporting research activities.  The
Shuttle would provide additional module research/habitation
capacity and could also partially mitigate the requirement for a
separate crew rescue vehicle.  Some modifications would be
required to allow the Shuttles to stay in space for longer periods of

First Atlas V will Launch Eutelsat Payload — According to
Orbital Report, the Eutelsat European satellite services consortium
has selected Lockheed Martins Atlas V rocket to carry a satellite
into orbit in May 2002.  This will be the first Atlas V launch,
using launch pad infrastructure at the Cape Canaveral Spaceport
financed by the Spaceport Florida Authority.  Meanwhile,
Lockheed Martin subsidiary International Launch Services is
reportedly in negotiations with Inmarsat to launch multiple large
communications satellites aboard Atlas V vehicles.  According to
Orbital Report, the satellites are too large for launch aboard
SeaLaunch Zenit rockets.

Enterprise Florida Names Board Member for Space Research Institute
— Enterprise Florida, the states primary economic development
organization, has named Greg Moore to serve on the board of the
Florida Space Research Institute.
Space Business Roundtable Plans Meeting — The board of
directors of the Florida Space Business Roundtable will meet on
August 14 at 5:30 p.m. at the Cocoa Beach Area Chamber of
Commerce.  Call 321-459-2200 for information.
Space Commerce Partnership Plans Meeting — The Florida
Space Commerce Partnership will meet on June 8 at 9:00 a.m. at the
Cocoa Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.

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