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Florida Spacegram 30 September 2000

By SpaceRef Editor
September 30, 2000
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Coleman Wins Italian Rocket Contract — Orlando’s Coleman Aerospace has
won a $1.2 million contract from Italy’s FiatAvio to assist in design
reviews for Fiat’s “Small Launch Vehicle” (formerly Vega), which is being
developed under a contract with the European Space Agency and could
become operational by 2004.

Lockheed Will Not Develop California Launch Pad, Boeing May Not Pay for
Delta IV Test — According to Orbital Report, the Department of Defense
has agreed with Lockheed Martin to modify its Evolved Expendable Launch
Vehicle (EELV) contract to remove the requirement for an Atlas V launch
pad at California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base. The Air Force will seek
congressional approval to re-direct a portion of the cost savings to
support a 2003 test launch of Boeing’s Delta IV heavy-lift rocket.
Without this re-direction, Boeing would have to use its own funds to pay
for the test launch.

Research Database to Expand — NASA has provided additional grant funding
to Florida International University to expand the SAGE People-Finder, the
first online database of statewide university intellectual capital. SAGE
allows university, government and industry personnel to find
Florida-based research and technology expertise within the state’s
academic institutions. It includes an extensive database of
space-related expertise. The NASA funds will allow SAGE to include
experts from private universities and colleges in the state. Visit

Iran Pursues Launch System — Orbital Report reports that Iran’s National
Aerospace Authority reported a successful test of its first solid-fueled
rocket. According to Iran, the rocket is planned for civilian satellite
launch activities. U.S. intelligence sources consider the rocket to be a
military missile and say test was actually a failure.

State Plans Hydrogen Summit — The Florida Solar Energy Center, in
cooperation with the Florida Department of Community Affairs, plans an
Oct. 24-25 Hydrogen Summit in Tallahassee. The event will bring together
leaders and experts in hydrogen to discuss the technologies, applications
and opportunities for hydrogen’s use as a cost-effective fuel. A copy of
the event agenda and other info is available at

University System Plans Space Investment — During this week’s public
meeting of the Florida Space Research Institute (FSRI), representatives
from the University of Central Florida and the University of Florida
announced plans by the State University System to invest an additional $1
million next year to support increased university involvement in space
research and education, in cooperation with FSRI.

Florida Space Research Institute Expands Board — The Board of Directors
of the Florida Space Research Institute, during their meeting this week,
decided to invite United Space Alliance and State Senator George
Kirkpatrick (as executive director of the Independent Colleges &
Universities of Florida) to serve on the FSRI board.

Florida Space Officials Travel to Brazil — Representatives from the
Spaceport Authority, Enterprise Florida, and the Florida Space Research
Institute will be in Brazil next week for the International Astronautical
Federation’s annual conference. They will meet with Brazilian space
officials to discuss collaborative opportunities in areas like
environmental remote sensing, Space Station research and development, and
spaceport operations. The meetings will follow-up on discussions started
during recent a trade mission to Brazil led by Gov. Jeb Bush.

Spaceport Florida Authority Plans Quarterly Board Meeting — The Board of
Supervisors of the Spaceport Authority will hold their quarterly public
meeting on October 11 at the offices of the Spaceport Authority at the
South Gate entrance to the Cape Canaveral Spaceport. The meeting will
begin at 10:00 a.m.

Space Business Roundtable Plans October 10 Board Meeting — The Board of
Directors of the Florida Space Business Roundtable will meet on October
10 at 5:30 p.m. at the Cocoa Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.

Spaceport Authority Announces Management Shifts — The Spaceport
Authority announces some personnel changes, including the retirement of
Al Thomas (director of launch operations) in November. Al joined the
Spaceport Authority in 1991 and has served as Safety Officer, Technical
Director, and Deputy to the Executive Director. In these capacities he
has been a significant contributor to the development of infrastructure
for the Authority. Rich Scredon has been added to the Authority staff to
manage launch facilities and launch operations.

AsiaSat Picks Lockheed Martin — Asia Satellite Telecommunications
Company has decided to launch AsiaSat 4 aboard an Atlas III rocket in the
first half of 2002 from the Cape Canaveral Spaceport, according to

European and U.S. Regulators Approve Boeing Purchase of Hughes —
According to Florida Today, Boeing’s planned purchase of
satellite-builder Hughes Space & Communications for $3.75 billion has
been approved by European and U.S. regulators.

Oklahoma, California, Texas and USDOC Seek Space Personnel — The
Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority, the California Spaceport
Authority, the Texas Aerospace Commission, and the U.S. Department of
Commerce’s Office of Space Commercialization are all advertising openings
for senior management support. The Oklahoma job is advertised in Space
News, while info on the California, Texas and USDOC positions is at,, and at, respectively.

TRW Tests Low-Cost Rocket Engine — According to SpaceViews, TRW has
successfully tested a new Low Cost Pintle Engine (LCPE) that “minimizes
cost while retaining excellent performance” through the use of common
steel alloys, a simplified cooling approach, and a simplified, low-cost
“pintle” injector system. TRW suggests that the liquid hydrogen/liquid
oxygen engine will cost 50-75% less than comparable engines.

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