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Florida Spacegram 28 Feb 2001

By SpaceRef Editor
February 28, 2001
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Brazil Plans Company to Market Spaceport, Begins Discussions with
Potential Investor — Brazil’s space agency is preparing to form a
state-owned company to market the Alcantara spaceport for commercial use,
according to Orbital Report. Brazil plans to invest $27 million in
infrastructure at the spaceport during 2001. Meanwhile, Australia-based
Asia-Pacific Space Center has entered into discussions with Brazil to
invest $49 million in Alcantara, instead of pursuing the development of a
spaceport on Christmas Island near Australia.

Boeing and SeaLaunch Plan Mutual Backup Capability — Under a proposed
agreement between Boeing and the Boeing-led SeaLaunch consortium, Delta
IV and Zenit rockets would provide easy backup capabilities for each
other in the event that one rocket becomes unavailable for a scheduled

Planning Underway for Next Florida Space Summit — Plans are being formed
to hold a Space Summit in Florida this summer. Representatives of the
Spaceport Authority, NASA, the Air Force, the Governor’s Office, U.S.
Senators Bob Graham and Bill Nelson, Congressman Dave Weldon, and
industry met last week in Tallahassee to begin planning for the event.
More details will be included in upcoming spacegrams.

U.S. Export Restrictions Help Europe Beat U.S. in 2000 Satellite
Contracts — Heightened restrictions on the export of U.S.-made
satellites and satellite technologies have allowed European satellite
manufacturers to outpace U.S. manufacturers for the first time in 2000.
Continued U.S. dominance in the industry is at stake, according to
comments from the Satellite Industry Association. According to Futron
Corp., European manufacturers booked orders for 17 commercial
geosynchronous satellites in 2000, while U.S. manufacturers received only
15 orders.

U.S. Share of Launch Business Falls Steadily — According to Futron
Corp., U.S.-made rockets launched only 20% of the world’s commercial
payloads in 2000, compared to 38% in 1999 and 54% in 1998. Europe,
Russia, Ukraine, China, Japan, Israel, India, Brazil, Australia, South
Korea, and other countries have either established or are planning to
develop launch vehicles and/or spaceports designed to compete for
commercial launch business.

Cost Increases for Space Station Threaten Other NASA Programs — NASA has
announced that the completed Space Station could cost $4 billion more
than anticipated, and has advised Kennedy Space Center and other centers
in Texas, California, Alabama and elsewhere that their budgets would be
cut to compensate for the cost growth, according to

Florida Investments Reduce NASA’ Space Station Costs — Florida’s
investment in key Space Station facilities like the Space Experiment,
Research & Processing Laboratory will save NASA tens of millions of
dollars for the Space Station program.

NASA Reassigns JSC Director to New Post — George Abbey, the powerful
director of Johnson Space Center in Texas has been reassigned to serve as
the agency’s Senior Assistant for International Issues in Washington.

Pratt & Whitney and Aerojet Win Advanced Solid Rocket Contract — Pratt &
Whitney and Aerojet, after recently abandoning a joint venture/merger
initiative, will work in partnership on a $9 million Air Force contract
to advance solid rocket propulsion technologies, according to Orbital


Boeing Plans Delta 3 Phase-Out — Boeing plans to phase out its Delta 3
launch vehicle in 2005, after the 2002 activation of the Delta 4 family
of rockets. According to Orbital Report, up to five Delta 3 launches may
be conducted within the next couple of years.

Space Day Planned for April 2 in Tallahassee — The Spaceport Authority
is working with several aerospace companies and organizations to sponsor
Space Day 2001 in Tallahassee on April 2, during the state’ annual
Legislative Session. Visit the Spaceport Authority’s website at for info.

Roundtable Invites Nominations for Bumper and Explorer Awards — The
Florida Space Business Roundtable invites nominations for organizations
and individuals who should be considered for the Roundtable’ annual
Bumper and Explorer awards. The Bumper (named after the first rocket
launched from the Cape) honors an individual or organization that has had
the most significant impact on Florida’ space industry over the past
year, and will be presented during Space Day in Tallahassee. The
Explorer (named after the first satellite launched from the Cape),
meanwhile, will be presented at the Roundtable’ annual Congressional
Dinner to an individual or organization who has had the most significant
impact on Florida’ space-related education and research interests. Call
me at 321-730-5301, ext. 1105 for nomination forms, or print them from
the Spaceport Authority’s website at

Spaceport Authority Website Provides New Information — Click on the
following links for updated information from the Spaceport Authority’s
website: for a chart of launch
vehicles and their capabilities. for background information on
the Spaceport Authority. for a listing of Spaceport
Authority personnel (with email links). for updated space news. for an updated launch
schedule. for a list of Florida
space advocacy groups and agencies.

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Spaceport Florida Authority

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