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First Image from GLI Aboard Midori-II (ADEOS-II)

By SpaceRef Editor
January 28, 2003
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First Image from GLI Aboard Midori-II (ADEOS-II)

The National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA) has acquired,
as part of the initial function verification test, the first image
from the Global Imager (GLI) aboard the Advanced Earth Observing
Satellite-II, “Midori-II”, which was launched on 14 December 2002.

The attached images show the feature over the Kyushu Island and the
East China Sea taken at about 11:30 (Japan Standard Time) on 25
January 2003,
and the whirl of a low-pressure in the eastern offshore of the
Hokkaido Island taken at about 9:45 (JST) on the same day,
which were received by NASDA’s Earth Observation Center
(at Hatoyama-machi, Saitama Prefecture).

GLI is an optical sensor developed by NASDA, and has the world’s top
class performance to observe the reflected solar radiation from the
Earth’s surface with a 36- spectral channels ranging from ultraviolet
to infrared. More specifically, GLI can make highly sophisticated
observations at a global level over the distributions of sea surface
temperature, snow, ice, clouds, aerosols, vegetation, ocean photo
plankton, etc.

It is expected to contribute to understanding of long-term fluctuation
mechanisms at a global level of the atmosphere, oceans, land and
ice/snow areas by storing observing data from GLI.

This information is also available in the following Internet address:
ADEOS-II Science Project

“Midori II” (Advanced Earth Observing Satellite II)

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