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Final Abstract Call for the NASA Exploration Science Forum

By SpaceRef Editor
April 28, 2014
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Final Abstract Call for the NASA Exploration Science Forum

Note: extended deadline and new special session!

Abstract submission deadline is 11:59 PM PDT May 2, 2014. 

Forum Dates: July 21-23 and Global Exploration Roadmap Meeting on  July 24.

International visitors MUST register by May 26th, 2014.

Forum and GER logistics, schedule and registration info may be found  at:

New: The third day of the ESF will contain a special session to engage  the exploration and science communities in an important discussion of  objectives and benefits of the different Global Exploration Roadmap  (GER) destinations – the Moon, Near Earth Asteroids, the moons of Mars. This session will tie into the GER meeting the following day (July 24)  and will discuss topics of interest that increase the synergies between  human and robotic missions at all destinations.

A focus on human activities at each of these potential destinations and  abstracts are solicited on the following topics:

– Lunar Surface Presence

– Moon’s role in further exploration destinations (cis-lunar space, NEA, Mars)

– Human – Robotic Interaction

– Building International Partnerships

– Role of the Commercial Sector

 Please submit abstracts for this special session under the drop-down  menu called “Human Exploration and Destination Drivers” on the Forum  website.


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