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EVA Tools and Crew Aids Panel Minutes of Meeting September 24, 2001

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September 24, 2001
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The EVA Tools and Crew Aids Panel met at JSC on September 24, 2001, in Building 1, Room 360, at 1:00 p.m. Representatives from the following organizations participated:

EVA Project Office

Hardware Development

Integration and Operations

Engineering Directorate

Crew and Thermal Systems Division


Safety, Reliability and Quality Assurance Office

Hamilton Standard Management Services

Lockheed Martin

Panel members from the following organizations participated:

XA/Panel Chair, XA/Panel Secretary, XA/I&O, CB/Astronaut Office, DX32/EVA Systems Group, XA Integration and Operations, CB/Astronaut Office, EC5/Crew and Thermal Systems Division, FCE/EVA, and NA/SR&QA.

The following items were presented:


  1. PRACA Status — NS43NS43/G. WrightTerry Miller

Fifteen A total of 14 FIAR’s are open for EVA hardware. Four FIAR’s were reported as past due. The following were statused:

BFCE029F105 — Pistol Grip Tool. PGT chatter.

USA will have to provide more information in the closure rationale to close this FIAR as "unexplained". The rewrite is to be ready no later than the 10/3/01 EEB.

JSCEC0851 — GPC. GPC handle does not lock within torque spec.

A CR (H-0907R1) is being presented to today’s Tools Panel.

JSCEC0871F — Waist Tether and JSCEC0872F — SafetyTether. STS-100 anomaly. Red indicator showing on load alleviator strap.

A new ECD of 10/17/01 was assigned. An interim will be written for UF1.

One new FIAR was reported.

JSCEC0900 — TERA. Step to perform soft dock of TERA EVA interface assembly to EVA interface probe could not be performed at the -140 deg. F test point. It is suspected that the ball detent of the TERA EVA interface assembly would not actuate due to moisture/ice. The soft dock was successful during ambient testing.

The TERA base assembly has a TBD socket with a ball detent that acts as a soft dock. The ball detent froze on the 3rd cycle of thermal testing. It is believed the failure was caused by over testing. A retest is needed to establish a root cause. The flight unit was screened to thermal with no issues.


The following STS-108 (UF1) FIAR’s were statused:

JSC0781F — 5/16" Wobble Socket. Wobble socket detaching from PGT during STS-103 EVA.

DCN’s are being released this week. The FIAR should close by the ECD of 10/1/01.

JSCEC0887F — On-Orbit Installed Handrails. STS-104 — On-0rbit installed handrail could not be installed on airlock seat track interface.

The final closure is in the XA signature loop.

JSCEC0892 — HST Portable Foot Restraint. Pivot joint latch would not return under spring tension at the -150 deg. F test point.

Hardware is undergoing thermal testing this week. A new ECD of 10/3/01 was assigned.

JSCEC0884 — Tether Assembly, Crew Lock. Slip ring on tether assembly failed 45-lb. load test.

A CARD change needs to be initiated before signing off the FIAR closure. A new ECD of 10/12/01 was assigned.

JSCEC0893 — Right/Left-Hand MMWS Swing Arm. During initial PDA swing arm failed interface check with modular base plate assembly.

Hardware is still undergoing inspections. EC5/R. Schwarz will give a status to the 9/26/01 EEB.



Preliminary closure in work. Still had chatter on 5A. Look at closing "as is".

EC5/B. Greene presented a FIAR Status on JSCEC0853F — Bayonet Receptacle.

STS-92 and STS-98 crew experienced excessive loads required to remove hardware from Bayonet Receptacles on the Modular Mini-workstation T-Bar and Swing Arms.

The following STS-104 FIAR’s were statused:

JSCEC0839 — REBA Charger. REBA failed to show green LED during acceptance testing.

Going to vendor end of March to get root cause closure.

JSCEC0841 — PFR Gimbal Assembly. Roll joint buttons binding.

Need to get with EM for root cause.

JSCEC0842 — Modular MWS Gimbal Assy. Fraying of end effector cord.

In work. Cost substantial.

JSCEC0781F — 5/16" Wobble Socket (HST). Socket detaching from PGT during STS-103 EVA.

Funded. Design change complete. Close out.

JSCEC0848F — Equipment Hook. Inadvertent equipment hook release.

Should have final by next week.

JSCEC0850 — Safety Tether. Discoloration of safety tether.

Test results by 3/19/01.

The following STS-104 SAFER FIAR was statused:

JSCER0035 — USA SAFER. SAFER battery erratic current readings.

Currently on-orbit. Will not get back until 6A lands. Will need month to do assessment.

The EVA hardware oldest FIAR, opened against the 5/16" hex wobble socket, is 642 days old.

FIAR’s open by flight:

STS-102 0

STS-108 (UF1) 9

STS-109 (HST) 11

STS-110 (8A) 13

STS-111 (UF2) 13

  1. Cert Status — NC52/Greg Wright

All certification is closed for STS-102.

There are three open SAFER hardware certifications for STS-100 — 2 on the SAFER IVA Battery (-305 and -307), and SAFER Battery upgrade. These are pending GCAR updates for closure.

There are 22 open hardware certifications for STS-104, all "green".There are six open hardware certification items for STS-108 (UF1). The PFR bridge clamp will be coming off the list. The ORU transfer bags have ship dates of 9/7/01; cert will be late (due 8/31/01). The swingarm assembly, modular gimbal assembly, and EHIP lights have cert due dates of 10/1/01. Cert for the EHIP lights is pending the washer change. The ORU transfer bags build will start after bake-out is complete; the top-level assembly drawings are complete. A CARD change will follow.

There are 12 open hardware certification items for STS-109, with most requiring ESEL updates to close. The SAR/HR for the HST PFR is in final stages for signature. A CR is in work for the Hex wrenches. The RS422 cable is a GSFC tool; XA/B. Counts will check with them on the -001 configuration.

There are two open hardware certification items for STS-110 (8A). These include the TERA base assembly and MT energy absorber. Due date to S&MA for these items is 10/01/01.

  1. Mission Hardware Status — LM/F. BlissKevin Thomas

The following Mission Hardware Status was presented:

STS-102: All hardware has been delivered for flight.

STS-100: STS-98 hardware was received from USA on 3/2/01, and is being processed for the STS-100 Bench Review on 3/16/01. Roughly 20% of Bench Review hardware has been shipped. The other hardware will be sent as it is processed.

STS-108 MPLM and PLB hardware have been shipped, with the exception of the ERCA’s. PSA hardware will be shipped to Boeing on Tuesday, 10/2/01.

  1. Actions Review — XA/G. LeStourgeonGreg LeStourgeon

This item was deferred.

  1. HITS Status Review — XA/Jackie Manning
  2. This item was deferred.

  3. Gage Status — EC5/Kim Hostetler

  4. The monthly Gage Status is scheduled for presentation the first Monday of the month.

  5. H-0804R2 —Request for Approval to Change Configuration of HST Tools — EC5/Kim Hostetler
  6. This CCBD requests additional funding to complete spool replacement rework and additional remarking of McTether assemblies not included in original plan. (ref: FIAR JSCEC0781F)

    Decision: Route for technical concurrence.

  7. H-0907R1 — General Purpose Cutter for STS-112 (9A) — EC5/Roger Schwarz

This CCBD requests a redesign of the GP cutter handle to address functional problems of the current design (ref: FIAR JSCEC0851 — GPC handle does not lock within torque spec). The original design uses Silicone RTV locking component with cam action to lock. The proposed redesign changes the locking action to a conical ramp component with Vespel SP-21 material. If thermal testing of prototype proves the new design is functional, a ROM and CR will be submitted to fabricate parts and implement the new design.

Decision: Route for technical concurrence.

9. H-1048 — Wire Ties to KSC for Installation on SO Truss (8A) — XA/Heather Mitchell

This CCBD requests shipment of four (4) Class I long wire ties to KSC to support CID’s 7 and 8 installation on STS-110 (8A). Per SR&QA/Greg Wright, the GCAR will need to be updated; the hardware is not certified to be launched in place.

Decision: Provide diagram showing wire ties installed on SO to XA/Greg LeStourgeon. Update action requirements to EC5 to certify for 1-mission cert.

10. H-1053 — Handrails for Service Module Debris Panel (SMDP)/Transportation Device Kit (TDK) Flight Support Equipment — OM/Bill Bourgeois

This CCBD requests four (4) EVA handrails needed to supply an EVA interface for the body restraint tether while the crew is stowing the TDK after the SMDP have been removed. The handrails are required for STS-111 (UF2).

Decision: Route for technical concurrence.

  1. H-1042R1 — Update Certification of Modular Mini-Workstation for Translation with PGT and Short Adjustable Extension — Single Mission Cert for STS-109 — XA/Jeff Dutton
  2. This CCBD requests single mission certification of the MMWS to allow translation with the PGT and HST short adjustable extension on the swing arm for STS-109.

    Decision: Route for technical concurrence.

  3. H-1014R1 — Cert of IFM Allen Wrenches for Contingency EVA on STS-109 — 10-Mission Cert — XA/Jeff Dutton
  4. This CCBD requests certifying the IRM Allen wrenches for 10 missions with thermal limits from STS-109.

    Decision: Route for technical concurrence.

  5. H-1052 — Baseline STS-114 (ULF1) Tools ESEL — XA/Aaron Mears
  6. This CCBD baselines the STS-114 (ULF1) Tools ESEL based on post-JAL Standard ISS ESEL.

    Decision: Route for technical concurrence.

  7. H-0172R5 — Authorize New Configuration of Slidewire Assembly for the Centrifuge Accommodation Module (CAM) and Update CARD, JSC-33225A — XA/Cal Seaman
  8. This CCBD requests a new -305 configuration of the slidewire assembly. The new length is 1.5 ft longer than the existing -303 configuration. The CAM structural adapter plates are spaced more than the existing

    -303 configuration length can accommodate. Without the new length, EVA operations related to CAM will be impacted.

    Decision: Route for technical concurrence. EC5 will look at other actions that may be required and incorporate into CR.

  9. Age Life Extension Determination for EVA Batteries — ER/Eric Darcy

EHIP, PGT and REBA batteries are about 1 year away from their age life expiration date. A decision has to be made to either refurbish these batteries or extend their age life. The current age life of EHIP, PGT, and REBA batteries is 5 years from the cell date code of manufacture. Sufficient data does not exist to extend their age life. The following test program was proposed:

  • Every 6 months, take 2 EHIP, 2 PGT, and 1 REBA batteries out of the fleet for 2 weeks maximum to perform charge/discharge capacity and internal impedance testing to establish aging trends vs. initial acceptance test data.

  • Testing 2 EHIP and 2 PGT (one from each cell lot) will ensure data is most credible.

  • EHIP battery will be cycled as 3 independent strings to provide 3 data points.

  • PGT battery will be cycled as 2 independent strings to provide 2 data points.

  • REBA battery will be cycled as 5 independent strings to provide 5 data points.

Using battery from the fleet (that have flown) will allow most confidence in the conclusions.

This program will cost $18K per year.

Decision: Present to the 9/26/ EEB.

  1. STS-108 (UF1) Fitcheck Status for CoFR1 — HSMS/Jeff Case

The fitcheck status for STS-108 (UF1) was presented. A total of 47 open fitchecks remain on STS-108. Twenty of these are TSA fitchecks that are no longer required (all tools are at KSC). Twenty-four are electrical interface fitchecks requiring documentation to close. These are considered low risk. The remaining fitchecks are EHIP to ERCA (in work).


No further items were brought forward, and the EVA Tools and Crew Aids Panel adjourned.

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Note: CARD changes are normally routed for concurrence after the Panel adjourns. Initiators are requested to be present or have representation for discussion of the change.

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