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EVA Tools and Crew Aids Panel Minutes of Meeting November 13, 2000

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November 13, 2000
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The EVA Tools and Crew Aids Panel met at JSC on November 13, 2000, in Building 1, Room 360, at 1:00 p.m. Representatives from the following organizations participated:

EVA Project Office

Hardware Development

Engineering Directorate

Crew and Thermal Systems Division


Safety, Reliability and Quality Assurance Office

Hamilton Standard Management Services

Lockheed Martin

Panel members from the following organizations participated:

XA/Panel Chair, XA/Panel Secretary, XA/Integration and Operations, DX3/EVA, Robotics, and Crew Systems, EC5/Crew and Thermal Systems Division, USA FCE/EVA, and NA/SR&QA.

The following items were presented:

  1. PRACA Status – NS43/T. Miller

A total of 24 FIAR’s is open for EVA hardware. Five FIAR’s were reported as past due and statused as follows:

BFCE026A022 – Draeger Tube Hydrazine – Discoloration on Draeger Tube.

Closure in-house for SSM signature since 10/12/00.

JSCEC0796 – Active WIF Assy – Active WIF control knob appeared to have increased force to operate.

A status will be obtained from EC5/L. Bailey to see if this closure has actually been written and routed.

JSCEC0773F – EVA Equipment Hook – Inadvertent opening of equipment hooks.

All top assemblies have been updated. The ECD will be extended 1 month and a meeting held to decide whether to roll the dash numbers.

BFCE026A021 – APFR – APFR has crack through pivot area.

EM test procedures in work. The ECD will be extended 1 week.

JSCEC0830 – Adjustable Equipment Tether Assy – Loose and broken thread.

LOC to get process information and write CARD. EC5 to status EHB.

No new FIAR’s were reported.

STS-97 FIAR’s were statused as follows:

BFCE029F105 – Pistol Grip Tool – PGT chatter.

XA/A. Huynh reviewing closure rationale. ECD 11/15/00.

JSCEC0839 – REBA Charger – REBA failed to show green LED during acceptance testing.

Waiver in process; should have signed of by 11/14/00.

The EVA hardware oldest FIAR, opened against the Pistol Grip Tool (PGT), is 504 days old.

The total FIAR’s open by flight is as follows:

STS-97 3

STS-98 20

STS-102 20

  1. Cert Status – NC52/G. Wright

There are four open certification items for STS-97. GCAR’s are in work for the BRS Pin, QD Cap Removal Tool, and BMRRM Anti-Rotation Latch Tool. There are seven open certification items for STS-98. There are 14open certification items for STS-102.

  1. Mission Hardware Status – LM/K. Thomas
  2. STS-97: All STS-97 hardware has been delivered.

    STS-98: The remaining TSA hardware was received from Boeing on11/9/00. Fifteen items will be shipped out overnight to KSC for payload bay ship. An additional 17 items will be shipped overnight on 11/14/00. CEIT for STS-98 is scheduled for 11/18/00. Bench Review ship is scheduled for 11/15/00, which will not be met. Several pieces of hardware needed for this mission are at USA; availability of this hardware is unknown.

    STS-100: As reported last week, hardware needed for the STS-98 MPLM Bench Review on 11/15/00 is at USA. This hardware will be brought back after Bench Review so a 1027 can be written to properly ship for flight.

    The early de-stow issue was discussed and the Panel agreed that a process needs to be put in place as this is becoming a recurring problem with the current tight flight schedule. Per USA, there is no space for the early de-stow items. The Chairman assigned the following action:

  3. Actions Review – XA/G. LeStourgeon

The following actions were statused:

Action 9/25/00-5 – EC5/C. Chang: Hold splinter meeting to discuss ISS slidewire integration to slidewire carrier and review 5A MOD installation procedures.


Note: EC5/R. Schwarz to coordinate with EC5/C. Chang on outstanding actions.

Action 9/25/00-6 – XA/J. Dutton: Conduct splinter meeting to investigate reported STS-99 anomaly on slidewire installation. Report findings to Tool Panel.

CLOSED. Findings indicate _" slack available. Installation harder on-orbit than doing fitcheck. Will give "no problem to proceed" to FRR.

Action 9/25/00-3 – DX3/R. Gauvreau: Based on data at hand, confirm flight, training quantities and come up with length of tool (Ref: H-0711 – 3/6" Allen Drive with Drop Proof Tether Adapter).

No response from actionee.

Action 9/18/00-2 – EC5/D. Glebe: Work with Quality to establish required screening on hooks.

No meeting has been held. Need new ECD.

Action 9/18/00-3 – EC5/R. Schwarz: Submit ROM for IMS labeling support for FY01 on all EVA tools to stay on Space Station.

Still need official ROM.

Action 11/6/00-1 – USA/V. Lilly-Tallman: Present recommendations to accommodate early de-stow items.

CLOSED per presentation.

  1. H-0907 – General Purpose Cutter Replacement Unit for 7A – XA/B. Counts

This CCBD requests 2 flight unit GP’s (1 replacement, 1 spare), either as new builds or as modifications of 2 flight old style GP cutters. EC5 gave a ROM cost for Option 1 of $40K for new builds and $20-25K for Option 2 to modify 2 flight old style GP cutters with an anticipated turnaround by 2/26/01.

Decision: Redline CCBD to delete Option 1, include ROM cost and schedule for Option 2, and route for technical concurrence.

  1. H-0908 – Modify HST Tool Boards for SM3B – XA/J. Dutton

This CCBD requests modifying the backside of Tool Board 4 to have 2 slide locks at the top, 3 springs like the ISS tool Caddy across the middle, and a bayonet receptacle at the bottom right.

The following actions were assigned:

Action 11/13/00-1: Provide ROM and schedule for flight hardware.

Actionee: EC5/R. Schwarz

Due Date: 11/15/00

Action 11/13/00-2: Provide ROM and schedule for trainers only.

Actionee: USA/V. Lilly-Tallman

Due Date: 11/15/00

Decision: Hold pending receipt of ROM’s and schedules.

  1. H-0912 – Certification of Jettison Stowage Bag for RMS Contingency – XA/J. Dutton
  2. This item was deferred.

  3. H-0909 – Modify Inspection Mirror – XA/J. Dutton

This CCBD requests modifying the inspection mirror, which has a drop proof tether adapter, to add a tether point.

The following action was assigned:

Action 11/13/00-3: Determine if hardware exists and cost to provide tether point.

Actionee: EC5/R. Schwarz

Due Date: 11/27/00

Decision: Hold pending receipt of ROM.

  1. H-0910 – Identification Marking for Adjustable fuse Tethers – XA/J. Dutton
  2. This CCBD requests marking at least 2 adjustable fuse tethers to clearly differentiate ends.

    The following action was assigned:

    Action 11/13/00-4: Provide ROM and schedule to mark one end of fuse tether.

    Actionee: EC5/R. Schwarz

    Due Date: 12/11/00

    Decision: Redline CCBD to delete training hardware and change flight hardware need date to 8/1/01. Route OSB.

  3. H-0911 – Modify MUT End Effector for Use on HST – XA/J. Dutton

This item was deferred.

  1. FCE/EVA – Hardware Return Recommendations – USA/V. Lilly-Tallman

Background: Action 11/6/00-1: Present recommendations to accommodate early de-stow items.

This presentation outlined mission-related shipping/receiving activity. As outgoing shipments get priority, the following was suggested:

  • Don’t return/re-process hardware if unnecessary. Example: TSA tools may be kept in place if 1) hardware not used, 2) stowed limited life not exceeded where applicable .

  • For critical turnaround hardware – Add to Landing Site Disposition Report. This hardware is given top priority upon receipt into FCE/EVA Shipping/Receiving.

If a whole locker is early de-stowed, a process of prioritizing needs to be put in place. An itemized listing of contents is also required.

The following action was assigned:

Action 11/13/00-5: Look at early destow lockers.

Actionee: USA/V. Lilly-Tallman

Due Date: 11/20/00.

  1. H-0913 – New 5/16" x 103" Wobble Socket – XA/H. Mitchell

This CCBD requests building a 5/16" x 10.3" Wobble Socket to perform maintenance tasks on the Columbus Cabin Depressurization Assembly vents. Two flight and 2 trainers are required by 11/27/00. Per EC5/R. Schwarz, ROM $50K, 7 months ATP.

Decision: Approve.

No further items were submitted and the Tools Panel adjourned.

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Harriett A. Attaway D. G. LeStourgeon

EVA Tools & Crew Aids Panel Secretary Acting EVA Tools & Crew Aids Panel Chairman

Note: CARD changes are normally routed for concurrence after the Panel adjourns. Initiators are requested to be present or have representation for discussion of the change.

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