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EVA Tools and Crew Aids Panel – Minutes of Meeting – June 25, 2001

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June 25, 2001
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The EVA Tools and Crew Aids Panel met at JSC on June 25, 2001, in Building 1, Room 360, at 1:00 p.m. Representatives from the following organizations participated:

EVA Project Office

Hardware Development

Integration and Operations

Engineering Directorate

Crew and Thermal Systems Division


Safety, Reliability and Quality Assurance Office

Hamilton Standard Management Services

Lockheed Martin

Panel members from the following organizations participated:

XA/Panel Chair, XA/Panel Secretary, XA/Integration & Operations, XA Integration and Operations, CB/Astronaut Office, EC5/Crew and Thermal Systems Division, DX32/EVATask Group, FCE/EVA, and NA/SR&QA.

The following items were presented:

  1. PRACA Status — NS43NS43/G. WrightTerry Miller

Fifteen A total of fourteen (14) FIAR’s are open for EVA hardware. Three FIAR’s were reported as past due and statused as follows:

JSCEC0863F — Modular Gimbal Assy. End effector is sticking/not closing.

Close to finding root cause. Only showing up in one assembly. Tolerance stack-up anomaly to be written as new FIAR.

BFCE029F105 — Pistol Grip Tool (PGT). PGT chatter.

No update. USA to have status by 6/27/01.

One new FIAR was reported and statused as follows:

JSCEC0881 — EHIP Lights. Flat washer permanently deforms when torqued and will not allow cap screw to maintain 5.0 inch pound torque value.

EC5/H. Nguyen presented a status on this FIAR. After evaluation of all options, EC5 proposed a custom-made washer replacement. Expected turnaround time is 2 months. This proposal will be discussed off-line with XA/Glenn Lutz. An interim will be processed for STS-104 (7A) and STS-105 (7A.1).

The following FIAR for STS-108 (UF1) was statused:

BFCE026A024 — High Strength Bridge Clamp. Unlock push button will not extend.

EC5/Kim Hostetler gave an update to this FIAR detailing the following:

The release pin tang was broken due to overload to locking pin. Options are to redesign the release pin to prevent breaking or to leave as is. The FMEA/CIL lists a "contingency release via drive-out pin" as corrective action in the event of inability to remove the PFR/articulating socket from the HSBC. There is no drive-out feature listed in the CARD.

Decision: Redesign release pin (change material) and revise the FMEA/CIL to delete contingency requirements. Revise H-1005 to include this change.

JSCEC0874 — T-Handle. STS-100 anomaly. Sticky actuation of ball.

Thermal test with EVA glove in glove box with MOD. They will update procedures as required.

JSCEC0873 — Retracting End Effector. Anchor pin found loose inside of the spool pack assembly.

Fly "as is", based on functional screening.

Preliminary closure in work. Still had chatter on 5A. Look at closing "as is".

EC5/B. Greene presented a FIAR Status on JSCEC0853F — Bayonet Receptacle.

STS-92 and STS-98 crew experienced excessive loads required to remove hardware from Bayonet Receptacles on the Modular Mini-workstation T-Bar and Swing Arms.

The following STS-104 FIAR’s were statused:

JSCEC0839 — REBA Charger. REBA failed to show green LED during acceptance testing.

Going to vendor end of March to get root cause closure.

JSCEC0841 — PFR Gimbal Assembly. Roll joint buttons binding.

Need to get with EM for root cause.

JSCEC0842 — Modular MWS Gimbal Assy. Fraying of end effector cord.

In work. Cost substantial.

JSCEC0781F — 5/16" Wobble Socket (HST). Socket detaching from PGT during STS-103 EVA.

Funded. Design change complete. Close out.

JSCEC0848F — Equipment Hook. Inadvertent equipment hook release.

Should have final by next week.

JSCEC0850 — Safety Tether. Discoloration of safety tether.

Test results by 3/19/01.

The following STS-104 SAFER FIAR was statused:

JSCER0035 — USA SAFER. SAFER battery erratic current readings.

Currently on-orbit. Will not get back until 6A lands. Will need month to do assessment.

The EVA hardware oldest FIAR, opened against the 5/16" Hex Wobble Socket, is 551 days old.

FIAR’s open by flight:

STS-102 0

STS-104 (7A) 101

STS-105 (7A.1) 131

STS-108 (UF1) 11

STS-109 (HST) 14

  1. Cert Status — NC52/Greg Wright

All certification is closed for STS-102.

There are three open SAFER hardware certifications for STS-100 — 2 on the SAFER IVA Battery (-305 and -307), and SAFER Battery upgrade. These are pending GCAR updates for closure.

There are 22 open hardware certifications for STS-104, all "green".All certification is closed for STS-104 (7A). There are three open certification items for STS-105 (7A.1) and four open hardware certification items for STS-108 (UF1).

  1. Mission Hardware Status — LM/F. BlissKevin Thomas

The following Mission Hardware Status was presented:

STS-102: All hardware has been delivered for flight.

STS-100: STS-98 hardware was received from USA on 3/2/01, and is being processed for the STS-100 Bench Review on 3/16/01. Roughly 20% of Bench Review hardware has been shipped. The other hardware will be sent as it is processed.


The following hardware needs to be returned to USA:

  • Modular MWS Gimbal Assy (2) and Modular MWS RH Swingarm (2). Passed thermal test and will be shipped to USA on 6/26/01.

  • EHIP Lights and Associated Hardware. Batteries have been charged. The EHIP lights themselves need to be cleared so a PIA can be performed after the batteries are charged.

  • Added MPLM Hardware. All additional hardware that was needed for an STS-105 Delta MPLM Bench Review scheduled for 6/25/01 was shipped out 6/22/01.


Work is in progress to ship two PBAS’s to GSFC for Fitchecks.

  1. Actions Review — XA/G. LeStourgeonDale Roberts
  2. There are two open Tools actions. Action 6/4/01-1 to look at TSA tool handling post Bench Review, CEIT, is scheduled for presentation to the 6/27/01 EHB. Action 8/28/01-3 to provide a plan for materials testing of returned OIH material is not due until 10/1/01.

  3. Pending CR Review — XA/G. LeStourgeonDale Roberts

Pending CR’s were distributed for concurrence.

This item was deferred.

  1. HITS Status Review — XA/Jackie Manning

The weekly "stoplight" HITS Metric Report was not presented. The material was distributed for Panel review.

  1. Gage Status — EC5/Kim Hostetler
  2. The monthly Gage Status was presented on 6/4/01 at its regularly scheduled date (first Monday of the month). It is scheduled for presentation on 7/2/01.

  3. H-0959 – HST PFR Starboard APC Integration — XA/J. DuttonH-1010— STS-105 (7A.1) Open Tool-to-Tool Fitchecks — HSMS/A. Hall

This CCBD requests EHB concurrence on accepting the risk of not performing all tool-to-tool fitchecks for STS-105 (7A.1). Open fitchecks are as follows:

  • MPLM 162

  • TSA 70

  • Middeck 41

Decision: Route for technical concurrence.

H-858R1 — Update STS-102 Tool-to-Tool Fitcheck Matrix — HSMS/J. Case

This CCBD updates the STS-102 Tool-to-Tool Fitcheck Matrix to reflect the STS-102 Rev 7 Tools ESEL.

Decision: Route for technical concurrence.

  1. H-0960 — STS-102 Open Tool-to-Tool Fitchecks — HSMS/J. Case

This CCBD requests EHB concurrence on accepting the risk of not performing all tool-to-tool fitchecks for STS-102. Root cause of the inability to complete the fitchecks is late addition of tools to the flight, new hardware builds, and hardware logistics disconnects and planned operational use. Fitcheck status was presented to the STS-102 EVA FRR, held 2/27/01. In the future, all fitcheck status is to be documented prior to FRR.

Decision: Forward to 3/7/01 EHB.

  1. Extension of USA SAFER Sliders — ER/K. Lewis

Background: Due to the design of the Small EMU and EMU Planar HUT, some crewmembers may be unable to operate the manual isolation valve or deploy the HCM to initiate a self-rescue without extending the sliders forward.

This presentation is in response to action requirements contained in H-0906 – Extension of USA SAFER Sliders. The action called for ER to provide cost and schedule estimates for the following:

  • Developing a viable design concept for moving the SAFER slider mechanisms forward 2 inches.

  • Developing the detailed design, fabrication, and certification plan for the new concept.

  • Retrofitting the Class I SAFER fleet and the Class III SAFER Engineering Unit with the modifications.

  • Updating the required documents as appropriate.

A review of the SAFER drawing list has identified 49 drawings that will require modification or replacement to implement the change, with a possibility of more being identified during the design process. The structural redesign will require new stress and thermal analyses and a repeat of development and certification test programs.

Several issues were also brought forward. Modifications will require change of HCM deployment, causing SAFER to violate PRD stowed volume requirements, increasing weight, and increasing risk of inadvertent HCM deployment and Manual Nitrogen Isolation Valve closure.

At the ROM estimate of $4.130K, and the 2.5 years required to build and certify, ER has recommended not implementing this change.

CB/C. Nicollier requested data on reach evaluations and further evaluation or existing spreadsheet on length of time taken to reach sliders. The chairman suggested ER provide (to the EHB) the data on the negative loads margin due to the extension of the sliders.

Decision: Forward to 3/7/01 EHB.

10. Processes for EVA FMEA, CIL, HR — XA/Anh Huynh

This presentation is a clarification for processing FMEA, CIL and HR updates. It is intended as a guide for submittal of these changes to the programs and shows required concurrences and review cycle, CR submission requirements to the appropriate board(s), and final approval authority. This presentation will be forwarded to the 6/27/01 EHB.

11. EATC EVA Tools Status — EC2/Joe Chambliss

A status was presented on the need for a storage container to house EVA Tools designed for venting External Active Thermal Control (EATC) System ORU’s and loops. The container is to be developed as GFE to be mounted externally to provide the tools in support of EVA. The status outlines the steps from requirements and conceptual stage to hardware development. A draft CR was also presented, showing a cost of $120K. Per EC5/Gary Nickel this cost is based on a typical attachment and launch location. The Chairman requested the CR be redlined to show a startup cost of $25K to take to PDR. After PDR is complete and final cost impact is confirmed, the request will be forwarded to Station for funding.

Decision: Initiate official EHB CR to provide design to PDR with ROM and schedule for 2 flight and 1 trainer. Route for technical concurrence OSB.

  1. Walk-on: NBL Cupola Window Transfer Bag — XA/Maria Tullar

Two bayonet fittings and three _" turn fasteners are needed to build the NBL Cupola Window Transfer Bag. An NBL Verification Test is scheduled the week of 7/16/01. A CR will be written requesting Class III hardware for development of this bag.

Decision: Write CR and route for technical concurrence OSB.

  1. H-1009 — Permanent Transfer and Decertification of Tool Boards 4 and 5 — XA/Jeff Dutton
  2. This CCBD requests the permanent transfer of Tool Boards 4 and 5 flight units to GSFC and pulls the certification for those two part numbers. The tool boards will be disassembled and the components used to build up new tool boards being produced by GSFC to be used for STS-109 and any future HST missions.

    Decision: Route for technical concurrence.

  3. H-1011 — Teflon Crew Hook — XA/Jeff Dutton

This CCBD requests adding a Teflon cover to two Class III hooks for use during STS-109 training. It also requests USA FCE/EVA to incorporate these hooks into waist tethers for STS-109 training.

Decision: Delete action to USA. An RFS to USA to provide a ROM will be written instead. Add EC5 ROM cost of $5K. Route for technical concurrence.

No further items were brought forward, and the EVA Tools and Crew Aids Panel was adjourned.

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