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EVA Tools and Crew Aids Panel Minutes of Meeting July 30, 2001

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July 30, 2001
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The EVA Tools and Crew Aids Panel met at JSC on July 30, 2001, in Building 1, Room 360, at 1:00 p.m. Representatives from the following organizations participated:

EVA Project Office

Hardware Development

Integration and Operations

Engineering Directorate

Crew and Thermal Systems Division


Safety, Reliability and Quality Assurance Office

Hamilton Standard Management Services

Lockheed Martin

Panel members from the following organizations participated:

XA/Panel Chair, XA/Panel Secretary, XA/Integration & Operations, CB/Astronaut Office, XA Integration and Operations, CB/Astronaut Office, EC5/Crew and Thermal Systems Division, DX32/EVATask Group, FCE/EVA, and NA/SR&QA.

The following items were presented:

  1. PRACA Status — NS43NS43/G. WrightTerry Miller

Fifteen A total of 17 FIAR’s are open for EVA hardware. Seven FIAR’s were reported as past due. The following were statused:

JSCEC0781 — 5/16" Wobble Socket (HST). Socket detaching from PGT during STS-103 EVA.

Closure paperwork is with Contracts. A status will be given to the 8/6/01 Tools Panel.

JSCEC0871F — Waist Tether, and JSCEC0872F — Safety Tether. Red indicator showing on load alleviator strap.

The assembly procedure will be revised or a DCN written. A new ECD of 8/24/01 was assigned.

JSCEC0851 — General Purpose Cutter. GPC handle does not lock within torque spec.

EC5 will initiate a CR next week and take through the EA process system. A ROM from EM to build piece parts is needed. A new ECD 8/24/01 was assigned.

JSCEC0880 — Top Mounted Passive WIF Assemblies. Anodized surface is tacky and paint is flaking off.

EC5 and XA will discuss 7/30/01. Per Materials, the assemblies are OK to use. Further details will be presented to the 8/1/01 EHB.

JSCEC0874 — T-Handle. STS-100 anomaly — sticky actuation of ball.

EC5 will relook at drawings and dimensions to see if there is interference. A status will be presented to the 8/1/01 EHB.

JSCEC0883 — PFR. While performing preinstallation acceptance test, the roll push button was sticking.

The unit was vibe tested last week. Documentation is being gathered for closure. The unit needs to go through thermal testing. A status will be presented to the 8/1/01 EHB.

No new FIAR’s were reported.

No FIAR’s are open for STS-105 (7A.1).

There are 13 FIAR’s open for STS-108 (UF1). The following were statused:

BFCE029F105 — Pistol Grip Tool. PGT chatter.

XA/Anh Huynh will coordinate with the EC5 SSM. "Explained" paperwork will be generated.

JSCEC0860 — Body Restraint Tether. BRT will not stabilize after tensioning.

EC5 will initiate a DCN to eliminate the use of alcohol in cleaning procedures.

JSCEC0881 — EHIP Lights. Flat washer permanently deforms when torqued and will not allow cap screw to maintain 5.0-inch pound torque value.

EC5/Hiep Nguyen presented the following status:

Background: The problem has been attributed to the hole on the battery tray, which was originally sized for the countersink type screw. A flat washer/socket head cap screw change was attempted to fix the countersink screw fit problem. A DR was written against all five new EHIP lights for washer deformation and a FIAR was generated.

Conclusion: Custom-made washers were fabricated and successfully tested to withstand beyond the 5.0-inch pound torque value with no deformation. EC5 recommends the custom-made washers, as there are none available commercially.

The Tools Panel agreed with the recommendation. EC5 will write a CR, take through the EA process and present to the Tools Panel. A new ECD of 8/24/01 was assigned.

JSCEC0886 — Top Mounted Handrails. Discoloration found inside handrail bracket tube and powdery substance found to be aluminum oxide during PDA.

EC5/David Glebe presented the following status:

Issue: Corrosion may reduce structural integrity of the top mounted handrail brackets. Gold handrail brackets are a man-rated tether point and EVA translation path. Clear handrails are used on bags and other EVA tools.

Cause: Handrails brackets were not thoroughly cleaned after metal finishing (gold anodizing) process. Chemical residue pitted handrail bracket bore hold. Threads in bracket were not alodined (threads are bare aluminum).

Modifications Required: Add note to bracket drawing that states to "thoroughly clean piece parts between metal finishing processes". Add note to assembly drawing that requires inspection of brackets for corrosion, and alodine of bracket threads prior to assembly. Update PDA of CARD to include inspection steps to verify.

Impacts: Top mounted handrails may not be able to withstand EVA loads.

Options: Determine whether or not corrosion is unique to a particular "lot" of handrail brackets. Return suspect handrails, inspect for corrosion, and replace if corrosion is found.

Implementation Need Date: STS-108 (UF1) is the nearest flight that is suspected of having handrails with potentially corroded brackets. STS-105 (7A.1) top mounted handrails are not suspect.

Recommendations: Recommendations were detailed in a "Plan of Action" chart. In general, handrails that are suspect will be recalled and inspected for corrosion, and corroded brackets will be replaced if analysis and testing cannot determine whether or not corroded handrail brackets are safe to use during EVA.

An updated status will be presented to the 8/1/01 EHB and will also address the following:

  • Do other handrail types have this problem?

  • When can handrails be built (expedited delivery)?

  • Provide a list of handrails shipped from known discrepant lot.

Preliminary closure in work. Still had chatter on 5A. Look at closing "as is".

EC5/B. Greene presented a FIAR Status on JSCEC0853F — Bayonet Receptacle.

STS-92 and STS-98 crew experienced excessive loads required to remove hardware from Bayonet Receptacles on the Modular Mini-workstation T-Bar and Swing Arms.

The following STS-104 FIAR’s were statused:

JSCEC0839 — REBA Charger. REBA failed to show green LED during acceptance testing.

Going to vendor end of March to get root cause closure.

JSCEC0841 — PFR Gimbal Assembly. Roll joint buttons binding.

Need to get with EM for root cause.

JSCEC0842 — Modular MWS Gimbal Assy. Fraying of end effector cord.

In work. Cost substantial.

JSCEC0781F — 5/16" Wobble Socket (HST). Socket detaching from PGT during STS-103 EVA.

Funded. Design change complete. Close out.

JSCEC0848F — Equipment Hook. Inadvertent equipment hook release.

Should have final by next week.

JSCEC0850 — Safety Tether. Discoloration of safety tether.

Test results by 3/19/01.

The following STS-104 SAFER FIAR was statused:

JSCER0035 — USA SAFER. SAFER battery erratic current readings.

Currently on-orbit. Will not get back until 6A lands. Will need month to do assessment.

The EVA hardware oldest FIAR, opened against the 5/16" hex wobble socket, is 579 days old.

FIAR’s open by flight:

STS-102 0

STS-105 (7A.1) 130

STS-108 (UF1) 13

STS-109 (HST) 16

STS-110 (8A) 16

  1. Cert Status — NC52/Greg Wright

All certification is closed for STS-102.

There are three open SAFER hardware certifications for STS-100 — 2 on the SAFER IVA Battery (-305 and -307), and SAFER Battery upgrade. These are pending GCAR updates for closure.

There are 22 open hardware certifications for STS-104, all "green".There one open certification item for STS-105 (7A.1). The trace gas analyzer GCAR is in Structures for signature and the CR is in XA for signature. There are three open hardware certification items for STS-108 (UF1) and 13 open certification items for STS-109.

  1. Mission Hardware Status — LM/F. BlissFred Bliss

  2. The following Mission Hardware Status was presented:

    STS-102: All hardware has been delivered for flight.

    STS-100: STS-98 hardware was received from USA on 3/2/01, and is being processed for the STS-100 Bench Review on 3/16/01. Roughly 20% of Bench Review hardware has been shipped. The other hardware will be sent as it is processed.

    There are no mission hardware issues to report.

  3. Actions Review — XA/G. LeStourgeonDale Roberts
  4. The following actions were statused:

    Action 7/2/01-1: Investigate options for resolution of FIAR condition on EHIP lights and present options and recommendations to the EVA Tools Panel 7/30/01, with concurrence from ES and SR&QA.

    CLOSED 7/30/01 per presentation.

    Action 7/9/01-1: Submit CR to extend/track limited life for MUT tool carrier and tether extension assembly. Update CARD’s.

    7/30/01: New Actionee: EC5/Roger Schwarz. New ECD 8/24/01.

  5. Pending CR Review — XA/G. LeStourgeonDale Roberts

Pending CR’s were distributed for concurrence.

This item was deferred.

  1. HITS Status Review — XA/Jackie Manning
  2. The weekly "stoplight" HITS Metric Report was not formally presented, but distributed for Panel review. This report shows hardware and/or service/support delivered, on schedule, and not meeting planned delivery date or program need date.

  3. Gage Status — EC5/Kim Hostetler
  4. The gage status will be presented the first Monday of the month (8/6/01).

  5. H-1024 — Provide ROM and Schedule for FLAP Driver and Fastener Options — XA/Lori Crocker

This CCBD requests cost and schedule for the following:

  • Build a 3/16" Allen driver

  • Use a COTS with modifications similar to the CBM Allen driver, but of shorter length

  • Replace the 3/16" captive fasteners on the FLAP with 7/16" captive fasteners, and recertify the FLAP

Engineering is to provide a recommendation of which option to pursue.

Decision: Route for technical concurrence.

  1. Analysis Results: 18-Inch Moment Arm Certification for Modular Mini-workstation — EC5/Ben Greene

  2. Issue: OSS analysis on the 18-inch moment arm on the modular mini-workstation shows that it will fail fatigue margins on the first cycle. Stress analysis is due 8/3/01.

    Cause: MOD requested translation to and from the worksites with socket extensions attached to the PGT. This extended the maximum moment arm beyond current cert limits of 15 inches.

    Modifications Required: Change material on fastener from 300 series stainless steel to A286 stainless steel. A new dash number will be required for the modified screw.

    Impacts: If socket extensions are attached to the PGT prior to translation, inadvertent contact to the extension could cause the 300 series fasteners to fail, resulting in loose hardware from the mini-workstation.

    Options: Modify the gimbal assemblies and change dash number or wait to do modifications when the MMWS overhaul is authorized later this calendar year.

    Implementation Need Date: Waiting for official position from OSS on current status of hardware. MOD has stated that there are planned translations with socket extensions attached to the PGT prior to 8A. If there are no possible workarounds to this scenario, modifications will have to be made before FY 2002.

    The Chairman requested more research be done on this issue and a CR brought to the 8/6/01 Tools Panel. He also requested a status be presented to the 8/1/01 EHB.

  3. H-1022 — Baseline STS-110 (8A) Tool-to-Tool Fitchecks — HSMS/M. Elder
  4. This CCBD requests baselining the STS-110 (8A) tool-to-tool fitcheck matrix based on the STS-110 Tools ESEL H-0974.

    Decision: Route for technical concurrence.

  5. H-1023 — Baseline STS-112 (9A) Tool-to-Tool Fitcheck Matrix — HSMS/M. Elder

This CCBD requests baselining the STS-112 (9A) tool-to-tool fitcheck matrix based on the STS-112 Tools ESEL H-0983.

Decision: Route for technical concurrence.

No further items were brought forward, and the EVA Tools and Crew Aids Panel adjourned.

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Harriett A. Attaway D. G. LeStourgeonDale R. Roberts

EVA Tools & Crew Aids Panel Secretary Acting EVA Tools & Crew Aids Panel Chairman

Note: CARD changes are normally routed for concurrence after the Panel adjourns. Initiators are requested to be present or have representation for discussion of the change.

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