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EVA Tools and Crew Aids Panel Minutes of Meeting December 11, 2000

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December 11, 2000
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EVA Tools and Crew Aids Panel

December 11, 2000


The EVA Tools and Crew Aids Panel met at JSC on December 11, 2000, in Building 1, Room 360, at 1:00 p.m. Representatives from the following organizations participated:

EVA Project Office

Hardware Development

Engineering Directorate

Crew and Thermal Systems Division


Safety, Reliability and Quality Assurance Office

Hamilton Standard Management Services

Lockheed Martin

Panel members from the following organizations participated:

XA/Panel Chair, XA/Panel Secretary, XA/Integration and Operations, DX3/EVA, Robotics, and Crew Systems, EC5/Crew and Thermal Systems Division, USA FCE/EVA, and NA/SR&QA.

The following items were presented:


  1. PRACA Status – NS43/T. Miller

A total of 23 FIAR’s are open for EVA hardware. Five FIAR’s were reported as past due and statused as follows:

BFCE026A022 – Draeger Tube Hydrazine – Discoloration on Draeger Tube.

Closure in-house for SSM signature since 10/12/00.

BFCE026A021 – APFR – APFR has crack through pivot area.

Preliminary test results are positive. Need redesign approval from XA.

JSCEC0837F – MMWS — Sticking/Binding of Gimbal

Hardware updates expected to be complete February or March 2001. A new ECD date is needed for final closure.

JSCEC0838F — MMWS — Gimbal Button Falling Out of Assembly

Need to establish re-occurrence control. Paperwork is required from OSS for quality review. Currently that is no capability to get this completed due to contractual issues. Address this FIAR at CoFR2 if not closed prior to December 14, 2000.

JSCEC0839 — REBA Charger — REBA Failed to Show Green LED During Acceptance Testing

Testing is scheduled. Address at CoFR2 with a clear plan on supporting flight.


One new FIAR’s was reported.

BFCE026T002 — Equipment Hook Assembly — Inadvertently Opened During NBL Test Run

A detailed closure plan will be addressed at the EHB.

The EVA hardware oldest FIAR, opened against the Adaptive Payload Carrier, is 463 days old.

The total FIAR’s open by flight is as follows:

STS-98 13

STS-102 18

STS-100 17

All outstanding FIAR’s for STS-98 must be addressed at CoFR2.

  1. Cert Status – NC52/G. Wright

There are seven open certification items for STS-98. Open certification items will be addressed at CoFR2. There are six open certification items for STS-102. There are 11 open certification items for STS-100.

  1. Mission Hardware Status – LM/K. Thomas

  2. STS-98: Not all hardware will be available for Bench Review.

    STS-102: Hardware in hand is under going PIA testing for the STS-102 Bench Review on dock date of 12/18/00. Some of the hardware that is needed for this flight is on STS-97. What is received by December 18th will be shipped.

    STS-100: Eight items for the MPLM will be shipped to USA 12/11/00. Hardware to be shipped includes the base plate assembly, LH Swingarms, and the Keystraps. The other items to be shipped are in work.

    STS-104: All hardware for the A/L ETSD has been shipped with the exception of five items. These items require 1027’s and should be shipped out 12/12/00 and on dock at KSC 12/13/00.

  3. Actions Review – XA/D. Roberts
  4. Deferred.

  5. Pending CR Review — XA/D. Roberts

CR’s were routed for approval as necessary.

  1. Gauge Status — EC5/K. Hostetler

The monthly Gage Status was presented. This status shows gages that will expire, gages that are in for calibration, gages that are not in for calibration and new gages and gages in calibration.

  1. H-0648R3 — Revise STS-100 ESEL (6A) — XA/R. Fair

  2. Revise the STS-100 ESEL.

    The following action was assigned:

    Action 12/11/00-1: Determine the need for additional wire ties for the ECOM task.

    Actionee: DX/J. Ray

    Due Date: 1/8/01

    Decision: Approved.

  3. H-0917 — Baseline STS-100 Tool-to-Tool Fitcheck Matrix — HSMS/A. Hall

Establish a baseline to determine the required tool-to-tool fitchecks for STS-100. Hardware part numbers for REBA hardware and fitcheck interfaces needs verified.

Decision: Approve with changes.

  1. HITS Metrics Status Review – XA/J. Manning
  2. A variety of reports were presented to the community. The reports are flexible in order to extract the required user information. EC5 should have access to the database by December 18, 2000. User guides are being updated and will be available for use. The data used for this database is based upon the actions in CR’s.

    Decision: Beginning 1/8/01 present the "stoplight" chart for hardware and services by flight through STS-104/7A. Also include any red items in the status report.

  3. STS-98/5A Tool-to-Tool Fitcheck Status — HSMS/M. Elder
  4. Expect to complete 97% of the required fitchecks prior to flight.

  5. Hardware Request for STS-105/7A.1


  • Take request to EVA IPT and work through inventory.

  • Request funding through ISS.

  • Schedule for 1/8/01 Panel.


No further items were submitted and the Tools Panel adjourned.




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Note: CARD changes are normally routed for concurrence after the Panel adjourns. Initiators are requested to be present or have representation for discussion of the change.

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