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EVA Hardware Board (EHB) Minutes of Meeting July 18, 2001

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July 18, 2001
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The EHB met at JSC on April 18July 18, 2001, in Building 1, Room 360, at 1:00 p.m. Representatives from the following organizations participated:

EVA Project Office

Hardware Development

Integration and Operations

Astronaut Office

Engineering Directorate

Crew & Thermal Systems Division

EVA and Spacesuit Systems



Hamilton Sundstrand Windsor Locks (HSWL) via telecon

Hamilton Sundstrand Management Services



EHB Board members from the following organizations participated:

XA/Chairman, XA/Secretary, XA/Tools and Crew Aids, XA/EMU, XA/Integration and Operations, CB/Astronaut Office, DX32/EVA Task Group, EA/Engineering, EC5/EVA and IVA Equipment, MV5/FCE EVA and NA/SR&QA.

The following items were presented:

  1. Hardware Integration Schedule XA/Barbara Counts

Changes to the schedule include the STS-105 (7A.1) Flight Ship 7/19/01 and late ship 7/23/01. STS-108 (UF1) MPLM KSC Bench Review is scheduled for 8/14/01. STS-110 (8A) CEIT is scheduled for 1/12/02.

  1. H7130R4 — Update EMU Rotation Plan — XA/Lara Kearney

Revision 4 to the EMU Rotation Plan was presented. Changes include 7A replanning to change crewmember (CM) Helms’ suit to Up/Down on 7A, changes CM Culbertson to Large on ISS 3, and adds a third suit up to UF1 for CM Tani. Standard rotation plan changes as a result of naming UF2 crew include the following:

  • Added CM’s Perrin and Chang-Diaz to UF2

  • M suit planned up for CM Bursch on UF1 will now stay until 9A (CM Whitson will use also)

  • CM Onufrienko Large originally planned to come down on 9A now down on UF2

  • Removed CM’s Walz/Bursch names on UF2 suits

  • Changed notes for 9A to reflect revised sizing needs of contingency CM’s

  • Removed note for UF2 contingency CM sizing needs

  • Changed suit up on 9A to be size Medium

  • Changed up/down summary quantities to be correct

  • Added note Medium suit up on UF1 down on 9A is 266 days on-orbit, including skip cycle

Decision: Route for technical concurrence.

  1. PRACA Status NS43/Terry Miller

Twelve A total of seventeen (17) FIAR’s are open for EVA hardware and are shown by flight as follows:

STS-100 (6A) 0

STS-105 (7A.1) 90

STS-108 (UF1) 11

STS-109 (HST) 16

STS-110 (8A) 16

Four FIAR’s were reported as past due and statused as follows:

JSCEC0880 — Top/Side Mounted WIF Assemblies. Anodized surface is tacky and paint is flaking off.

DR’s have been opened against all hardware in Bldg. 7 Bond. EM will bring a status to the 7/23/01 Tools Panel. New ECD 8/1/01.

JSCEC0874F — _" x _" Allen (T-Handle) Wrench. STS-100 anomaly — sticky actuation of ball.

Need to sort out what was learned from the Parazynski glove box test of 7/16/01. New ECD 8/1/01.

JSCEC0851 — General Purpose Cutter. GPC handle does not lock within torque spec.

New ECD 8/1/01.

BFCE026A024 — High Strength Bridge clamp. Unlock push button will not extend.

Should have closure next week.

Two new FIAR’s were reported as follows:

JSCEC0884 — Tether Assembly, Crew Lock. Slip ring on tether assembly failed 45 lb load test.

Interims signed for STS-104 (7A) and STS-105 (7A.1). Lockheed will pull lot and test to failure. Based on findings, hardware may be derated.

JSCEC0885 — Small QD Bail Lever. 1" end of QD bail lever does not fit correctly to the interfaced QD in the valve open position.

If not flying this configuration, this FIAR can be closed.

No FIAR’s are open for STS-100.

STS-104 (7A) FIAR’s were statused as follows:

JSCEC0839 — REBA Charger. REBA failed to show green LED during acceptance testing.

EC5/ Hiep Nguyen will be going to the contractor (Summit) 5/4/01.

JSCEC0863F — Modular Gimbal Assy. End effector is sticking/not closing (STS-98 anomaly).

EC5/Roger Schwarz reported that he is getting more information from Oceaneering. There may be a "broke" in configuration control. Getting story.

BFCE026A024 — High Strength Bridge Clamp. Unlock push button will not extend.

EC5/Roger Schwarz reported the hardware is going through vibe testing this week.

STS-105 (7A.1) FIAR’s were statused as follows:

BFCE029F105 — Pistol Grip Tool (PGT). PGT Chatter.

EC5/Roger Schwarz reported this FIAR is still unexplained. The PGT will be shipped for MPLM Bench Review the end of the month. Interims will be written within the next 2 weeks. Hardware is to be left on-orbit.

The Chairman requested a note be added to the status to show dates interims are needed, shipping on open DR, etc.

The oldest FIAR, against the 5/16" Hex Wobble Socket, is 572 days old.

  1. Certification Status NS22/Greg Wright

Open certification for STS-105 (7A.1) includes the EVA Winch & Mount Assy and the BMRRM vice clamp tool. GCAR’s are in work. Open certification for STS-108 (UF1) includes the PFR bridge clamp, body restraint tether (BRT) and SAFER. BRT and SAFER certification are pending ESEL updates.

  1. EMU RDR and Certification Status NS22/Greg Wright

EMU RDR’s open by flight are as follows:

STS-105 (7A.1) 3

STS-108 (UF1) 21

STS-109 (HST) 1

The three 7A.1 RDR’s on the boot fit, ORU harness connector bent tabs, and ICB electrolyte leakage will be brought back to the RDR call scheduled for Thursday, 7/19/01. The Gernhardt boots will be quarantined upon return from 7A. Engineering has a matrix in place for on-orbit adjustment. Rationale is still in work for using the batteries; looking at screens, launch constraints. Most of the STS-108 (UF1) RDR’s are in the signature loop.

All certification is closed for STS-105 (7A.1). There are two open certification items for STS-108 (UF1). The athletic support assembly will be demanifested on the UF1 ESEL Revision 2. MAG’s are being used. There is no open certification to report for STS-109.

  1. On-Orbit Limited Life Status — NA/R. Toler

The On-Orbit Limited Life Status is scheduled for presentation the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.

  1. USA Limited Life Status — USA/Nancy Jeanne Neason
  2. The USA Limited Life Status is scheduled for presentation the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.

  3. On-Orbit FIAR’s/DR’s — XA/Kristin O’Brien
  4. This item was not presented.

  5. Funds Transfer Status XA/Greg LeStourgeon

Transferred this reporting period:

H-1005 — Change Configuration of High Strength Bridge Clamp – $35K

H-1013 — Container for External Storage of EVA Vent Tool – $25K

  1. USA SAFER Flight Logistics Plan (H-0933) — XA/Anh Huynh

Revisions to the USA SAFER Flight Logistics Plan are scheduled for presentation the 4th Wednesday of the month.

  1. IFA Status — XA/Greg LeStourgeon

This item was deferred.

  1. EHB Actions Status — XA/Greg LeStourgeon

This item was deferred.

No further items were brought forward, and the EHB adjourned.

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