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EVA Hardware Board (EHB) Minutes of Meeting 21 Feb 2001

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February 21, 2001
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The EHB met at JSC on February 21, 2001, in Building 1, Room 360, at 1:00 p.m. Representatives from the following organizations participated:

EVA Project Office

Hardware Development

Integration and Operations

Astronaut Office

Engineering Directorate

Crew & Thermal Systems Division

EVA and Spacesuit Systems

EVA, Robotics, & Crew Systems



Hamilton Sundstrand Windsor Locks (HSWL) via telecon

Hamilton Sundstrand Management Services



EHB Board members from the following organizations participated:

XA/Tools and Crew Aids, XA/EMU, XA/Integration and Operations, XA/Business Office, CB/Astronaut Office, DX3/EVA, Robotics, & Crew Systems, EA/Engineering, EC5/EVA and Spacesuit Systems, MV5/FCE, and NA/SR&QA.


The following items were presented:


  1. Hardware Integration Schedule XA/B. Counts

No near-term updates have been made to the schedule. STS-112, originally an SSP flight, is now 9A, and STS-118 is now Triana.

  1. PRACA Status NS43/T. Miller

Eighteen FIAR’s are open for EVA hardware and are shown by flight as follows:

STS-102 (5A.1) 3

STS-100 (6A) 5

STS-104 (7A) 14

STS-105 (7A.1) 17

Two FIAR’s were reported as past due and statused as follows:

JSCEC0839 — REBA Charger. REBA failed to show green LED during acceptance testing.

Believed to be workmanship issue. Will stay open until meeting with vendor.

JSCEC0846 — APFR. Rotation of collar is difficult/sticking.

Plans and options will be discussed after the EHB.

Two new FIAR’s were reported and statused as follows:

BFCE026A023 — RET. Nylon bristle from an EVA trash bag stuck in locking mechanism of the hook tether, causing hook to remain in the open position.

This FIAR was written on a discrepancy originally noted at the NBL. A question arose as to whether FIAR’s should be written on Class III hardware. NA/C. Nguyen informed the Board that a DR was previously written on this hardware. The Chairman suggested a process be put in place to route DR’s to the appropriate SSM’s for review and closure (EC5/R. Schwarz for EVA tools, EC5/W. Spenny for EMU). The following action was assigned:

Action 2/21/01-1: Work with SR&QA (C. Nguyen) and EA/EC5 to implement a process to improve the write-up and closure procedure of NBL DR’s.

Actionee: XA/G. Lutz

Due Date: 3/21/01

BFCE028A008 — PGT Battery. During performance of PIA procedure for STS-102, battery failed to meet minimum discharge time of 5.0 hours.

The FIAR is too new to have sufficient information on the run history of the unit. The hardware will be taken apart to look at individual cells. Will have ECD’s by next week.

The following STS-102 (5A.1) FIAR was statused:

JSCEC0853F — Bayonet Probe. STS-92 anomaly reported by crewmember of unsatisfactory fit of bayonet probes to bayonet receptacles.

Failed gage tied to wear. Will back out detents to lower removal force. Interim by 2/26/01. Long-term resolution may call for design change or operational fix.

The following STS-100 (6A) FIAR’s were statused:

BFCE029F105 — Pistol Grip Tool (PGT). PGT chatter.

Will talk to STS-92 crew for buy-in of closeout.

JSCER0033 — USA SAFER. NSI trace on oscilloscope appeared abnormal.

An update to the IVA checkout procedures is required. DX3/G. Laws will follow up to see if the procedure is in place. A Crew Procedures Change Request (Form 482) is required to close the FIAR.

The following STS-104 (7A) FIAR’s were statused:

JSCEC0848F — Equipment Hook. Inadvertent equipment hook release.

Will do functional tests on suspect open hook. Testing has been completed on 80% of hardware. Using on-orbit. Failure has not happened again.

JSCEC0850 — Safety Tether. Discoloration of Safety Tether.

No contamination has been found. No load testing has been done. A Tools Panel action was previously assigned to EC5 to report results of testing load alleviators and sheaths, due 3/19/01.

JSCER0035 — USA SAFER. SAFER battery erratic current readings.

Need new ECD or swap out batteries.

The following STS-105 (7A.1) FIAR was statused:

BFC026F005 — Disk/Loop Pin Puller Tool Caddy. Broken Tether Cord.

Closure being written.

The oldest FIAR, against the Adaptive Payload Carrier, is 533 days old.

  1. Certification Status NS22/G. Wright

There are two open hardware certifications for STS-102 — EVA Scissors and QD Cap Removal Tool. Closure paperwork is in circulation for the EVA Scissors. The QD Cap Removal tool will come off the list with the STS-102 ESEL revision to demanifest.

There is one open hardware certification for STS-100 — Equipment Tether Reel. This item will be deleted pending ESEL updates.

Twenty-one items are showing open certification for STS-104. Cert due date to S&MA is 3/30/01.

  1. EMU RDR and Certification Status NC512/C. Sager

The total open EMU RDR’s by flight are as follows:

STS-102 (5A.1) 3

STS-100 (6A) 10

STS-104 (7A) 7

Three more RDR’s may be written as a result of STS-98 IFA’s: Boot Fit, DCM Power Restart, DCM TMG Thermal Control Valve.

There is one open certification item for STS-102 — EMU Advanced Battery. This battery is not flying on STS-102 and is pending ESEL revision to demanifest.

There are seven items requiring certification for STS-100 — Disposable Insuit Drink Bag, (DIDB), BSI with Toe Cap Assy, Arm Sizing Ring, Impact Shield, Secondary Oxygen Pack (SOP), Impact Shield, and ISS EMU Umbilical. ESEL updates are in work, which will remove most of these items from the open cert list. The ISS EMU Umbilical requires an ESEL revision to correct dash numbers.

The STS-104 (7A) Certification Status lists 25 open certification items. Cert due date to S&MA is 3/8/01.

  1. Funds Transfer Status XA/J. Hall

The following funds were transferred:

H-0799R1 - Modify Concentricity/Microfixture Go-No Go Gauge - $28K

H-0859R1 - QD Cap Removal Tool – .5" & .25" Cap Tool - $74K

H-0889 - Funding for New Concept for Crew Hook Locks - $10K

H-0935 - BMRRM Vice Clamp Contingency Tool - $12K

H-0936 - Additional OIH’s & OIH Bags for SO LTA Cable Tasks - $10K

H-0891 - REBA Charger and EHIP ISS Certification - $77K

— - Funding for SAFER Battery Upgrade - $180K

— - Funding for Continuation of ISS Thermal ITA - $75K

H-0921 - Funding for In-suit Doppler Activities - $20K

H-0904 - Funding for QD Bail Drive Lever - $15K

— - Funding for REBA, REBA Charger & EHIP Production - $144K

  1. IFA Status

The following STS-98 IFA actions need to be assigned:

  • EMU Leak

  • CCA’s Lost Com

  • EV2 Boot Fit

  • Ammonia Tool

  • Equipment Hook – Open

  • NH3 Tool

  • End Effector on MMWS

Actions will be assigned off-line and reviewed at the EHB.

  1. EMU Rotation Plan XA/L. Kearney

The EMU Rotation Plan (H7130) was baselined 2/20/01. The current plan will be shown as information only at the next EHB.

  1. USA SAFER Flight Logistics Plan — XA/A. Huynh
  2. Any changes to the USA SAFER Flight Logistics Plan will be presented to the 2/28/01 EHB.

  3. EHB Action Status XA/G. Lutz
  4. The Chairman will review actions post-meeting.

  5. H-0952 — Certify HST Ratchet for ISS Stowage and Use — XA/L. Crocker
  6. This CCBD requests certification of the HST 3/8" Drive Ratchet Assembly for stowage and use on ISS for the inner hatch contingency and EVA 1 on 7A.

    Decision: Approve.

  7. H-0955 — Use Class I _" x 8" Socket Extension Originally Intended for HTV and Fitchecks for Airlock Hatch Contingency — XA/L. Crocker
  8. This CCBD requests the use of one each _" x 8" Socket Extension, originally built for HTV testing and fitcheck events, to fly on 7A and remain on orbit for the airlock inner hatch contingency. This will leave only one unit on the ground for HTV testing and fitcheck events. Funding will be sought from ISS next FY to build a replacement socket.

    Decision: Approve.

  9. H-0956 – Replace End Effector Cords on MMSS Gimbal Assy and Retracting End Effector Assy — XA/K. O’Brien

This CCBD requests replacement of the end effector cord in all MMWS Gimbal units and all Retracting End Effector units to resolve FIAR JSCEC0842 (end effector cord fraying prematurely of its limited life). The cords will be replaced with a newly designed Vectran cord that contains an eye splice and fray check.

Decision: Approve.



No further items were brought forward, and the EHB meeting adjourned.



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