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EVA Hardware Board (EHB) Minutes of Meeting 17 Jan 2001

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January 17, 2001
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The EHB met at JSC on January 17, 2001, in Building 1, Room 360, at 1:00 p.m. Representatives from the following organizations participated:

EVA Project Office

Hardware Development

Integration and Operations

Astronaut Office

Engineering Directorate

EVA and Spacesuit Systems

EVA, Robotics, & Crew Systems



Hamilton Sundstrand

Hamilton Sundstrand Management Services




EHB Board members from the following organizations participated:

XA/Tools and Crew Aids, XA/EMU, XA/Integration and Operations, CB/Astronaut Office, DX3/EVA, Robotics, & Crew Systems, EA/Engineering, EC5/EVA and Spacesuit Systems, MV5/FCE, and NA/SR&QA.


The following items were presented:


  1. Hardware Integration Schedule XA/B. Counts

Changes to the schedule include the STS-98 launch slip to NET 2/6/01, STS-102 flight ship on 2/12/01, and late ship on 2/14/01, STS-100 CEIT ship on 2/16/01, and STS-104 ISS A/L CEIT on 3/5/01. Based on when STS-98 launches, dates should not slip much further out.

  1. PRACA Status NS43/T. Miller

A total of 16 FIAR’s are open for EVA hardware and are shown by flight as follows:

STS-98 1

STS-102 10

STS-100 9

STS-104 13

Two FIAR’s were reported past due and statused as follows:

JSCEC0796 — Active WIF Assy. Active WIF control knob appeared to have increased force to operate.

Vibe test complete. Can close.



JSCEC0837F — MMWS. Sticking/binding of gimbal.

Being routed for signature.

One new FIAR was reported:

BFCE026F005 — Disk/Loop Pin Puller Tool Caddy. Upon return from STS-97, tether cord broken on loop pin puller.

Per EC5/R. Schwarz, the cord is worn on the entire Shuttle fleet and has never been updated due to cost. The cords are visually inspected every 3 years or every time it’s used on EVA. An interim has been written for STS-98; however, it is on hold pending input from CB/C. Noriega on whether the cut could have been due to sharp edges.

The following action was assigned:

Action 1/17/01-1: Develop ROM on retrofitting cords.

Actionee: EC5/R. Schwarz

Due Date: 1/24/01

The following STS-102 FIAR’s were statused:

JSCEC0838F — Modular Mini-Workstation Gimbal. Sticking/binding of gimbal.

In signature loop.

BFCE029F105 — Pistol Grip Tool (PGT). PGT Chatter.

Need EC5/G. Nickel reading as to whether or not to close out the IFA. No good explanation; unable to duplicate failure. Will work up closure rationale by end of week.

JSCEC0839 — REBA Charger. REBA failed to show green LED during acceptance testing.

Need better root cause from vendor.

JSCEC0841 — PFR Gimbal Assembly. Roll joint buttons binding.

EC5/R. Schwarz to coordinate with EC5/D. Glebe for latest update.

The following SAFER FIAR’s were statused:

JSCER0033 — USA SAFER. NSI trace on oscilloscope appeared abnormal.

ER/W. Guy reviewing closure. Should have closed next week.

JSCER0034 — USA SAFER. SAFER battery thermistor bad solder joints.

Waiting on updated drawings. Should be able to close next week.

JSCER0035 — USA SAFER. SAFER battery erratic current readings.

Currently on-orbit. Can’t work until back on ground.

The oldest FIAR, against the Adaptive Payload Carrier, is 498 days old.

  1. Certification Status NS22/G. Wright

There are two open hardware certifications for STS-98 — the Hydrazine Detection Pad (Gold Salt), and Trace Gas Analyzer. The Hydrazine Detection Pad needs thermal and vacuum tests. The cert package on the TGA is being reviewed today. There are two open hardware certifications for STS-102 — QD Cap Removal Tool and EVA Ohmmeter. Certification paperwork on the QD Cap Removal Tool was shipped yesterday. The Materials Memo on the Ohmmeter should be signed off by next Friday. There are seven open hardware certifications for STS-100.

  1. EMU RDR and Certification Status NC512/C. Sager

The total open EMU RDR’s by flight are as follows:

STS-98 0 -

STS-102 5 - Interim closures on 3; 1 requires CCBD

STS-100 2 - 1 in final closure; 1 with interim

All certification is closed for STS-98. There is one open certification item for STS-102; the EMU Advanced Battery. There are seven items requiring certification for STS-100; most are ESEL revision/serial number updates. There are 13 items requiring certification for STS-104; most require Station cert or changes of part numbers or serial numbers.

  1. Funds Transfer Status XA/J. Hall

The following funds were transferred this reporting period:

Trace Gas Analyzer Support – $193K

  1. EMU Logistics Status XA/B. Johnson

This item was not presented. Beginning in February, the EMU Rotation Plan will be presented on a monthly basis on the last Wednesday of the month.

  1. EHB Action Status XA/G. LeStourgeon
  2. The following EHB action items were statused:

    Action 10/18/00-1 — EC5/C. Dinsmore: Build complete sets of drawings for all EVA tools and crew aids in inventory, etc.

    In progress. Have started collecting drawings.

    Action 9/20/00-3 — EC5/C. Dinsmore: Verify ESEL’s match 1027’s and are signed by responsible SSM’s.

    Adequate process in place.

    Action 11/29/00-3 — XA/J. Dutton: Present operations constraints and recommendations concerning the use of the _" x _" Allen Driver.

    Still working.

    Action 11/29/00-1 — GSFC/K. Gaulke: Brief EHB on results of investigation into damage to PGT and corrective action.

    Note sent to actionee by XA/A. Huynh. No response. Will send again.

    Action 6/14/00-3 — XA/B. Johnson: Present recommendation on implementation of EC’s and SI’s to EHB.

    In work.

    Action 12/5/00-1 — USA/V. Lilly-Tallman: Identify all tools used in SSA processing which are not authorized in the SSA Maintenance Manual.

    No update.

    Action 9/27/00-2 — EA4/A. Lozano: Confirm TSA configuration to accommodate GP Cutter SEG33106915-301 to verify the tool will fit.

    CLOSED. Tech order to KSC 11/18/00.

    Action 11/1/00-4 — EC5/W. Spenny: Evaluate potential suite damage (STS-97 D-ring issue).

    Test plan in EC5.

    Action 12/13/00-2 — EC5/W. Spenny: Work with MOD to understand IRCO2 sensor.

    No update. Actionee on TDY.

  3. H-0931 — OTD Tether Reconfiguration — XA/K. O’Brien
  4. This CCBD requests reconfiguring the OTD, P/N SEG33106254-303, S/N 1003, with two ORU Tether Assemblies rather than the current configuration of one ORU Tether and one Retractable Tether. The Retractable Tether from OTD S/N 1003 will be used as a spare/replacement unit for the on-orbit OTD S/N 1004. OTD S/N 1003 will be reconfigured with two ORU Tethers. Per EC5, cost to build two ORU Tethers is $12-15K.

    Decision: Approve.

    The following action was assigned:

    Action 1/17/01-2: Hold discussions on funding for additional OTD tethers and spares.

    Actionee: XA/J. Dutton

    Due Date: 1/31/01

  5. On-Orbit FIAR’s Status — XA/K. O’Brien

There are currently six tools on-orbit with unaddressed FIAR’s that were opened against these tools when they were already on-orbit. The tools were placed in three categories, as follows:

  • Leave On-Orbit and Use As-Is

  • ORU Transfer Device

  • Adjustable Fuse Tether

  • Bring Home for Rework

  • High Strength Bridge clamp

  • Push Button Articulating socket

  • On-orbit Replacement

  • ORU Tether

  • Tether Reel on OTD

The FIAR on the ORU Transfer Device still needs to be resolved. After a meeting on the Adjustable Fuse Tether FIAR’s it was determined that the tool stay on-orbit. The FIAR’s have been closed on the High Strength Bridge Clamp and the Push Button Articulating Socket and the tools will be returned for rework. The Tether Reel and ORU Tether FIAR’s will be resolved with approval of H-0931.

Decision: Approve.

The following actions were assigned:

Action 1/17/01-3: Determine who should be responsible for maintaining active on-orbit FIAR’s list and status.

Actionee: XA/D. Roberts

Due Date: 2/14/01

Action 1/17/01-4: Coordinate with I&O to develop procedures for tracking open FIAR’s to ensure that necessary action is taken at the earliest opportunity to bring hardware home, repair, etc.

Actionee: XA/D. Roberts

Due Date: 2/14/01

  1. Walk-on: H-0933 — USA SAFER Flight Logistics Plan — XA/A. Huynh

This CCBD establishes the USA SAFER Flight Logistics Plan. All changes to the plan will be processed as CR’s to be controlled formally by the EHB.

Decision: Approve.

  1. H7126 — Metox Container (Canister) Processing Requirements — Incorporation into FEMU-R-001 — HSWL/T. Chase

This CCBD requests incorporating changes to the FEMU-R-001 processing document to prepare Metox containers and the regenerator for flight.

Decision: Approve.


No further items were brought forward, and the EHB meeting adjourned.



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